Why Redesign Your Mobile App?

Each and every business launches a mobile product with a hope to attract its target audience, earn a maximum value, and maximize performance. But sometimes after a while, the app starts experiencing serious issues with user retention/acquisition. Its shine fades away affecting overall profit. In this case, a complete or partial redesign is probably needed.

Transforming your app with a full makeover helps maximize your business potential. Application redesign prevents old and not so old mobile apps from getting buried in the depths of the mobile app market, losing the power to attract new customers. It is recommended based on numerous factors (conversion rate, bounce rate) upon seeing the app data. But how can one get to know if his/her app needs a few minor modifications or massive overhaul? How to get a mobile app on the track again with limited time and budget? Eventually, why redesign your app? In this posting, we will try to answer these questions in detail. 


When to Redesign Your App?

  1. Your app is having too complex interface 

No matter how amazing your app is designed, it means nothing if it confuses users in terms of navigation and usage. Too complicated apps are not suitable for users as they are unable to meet their needs. So a complex application design is a topmost reason to start thinking of redesigning your application. This includes:

  • Confusing navigation 
  • A bunch of fancy images
  • Excessive graphical intervention
  1. Platform migration

After an app being moved to another platform, it is obvious that its functionality and interface might also require modifications. 

  1. Rebranding 

If you are planning a rebranding campaign (changing the brand concept), it is crucial that you also rebrand your web/mobile application accordingly so that your clients can recognize your brand easily. 

  1. Changing the target audience 

Any change in your marketing strategy will ultimately affect your target audience in terms of user requirements, marketing plan, and product vision. This is definitely a reason for the app UI redesign.

  1. Outdated application design 

If your application got outdated (looks like it came straight from the 90s), it gives users a solid reason to uninstall it. What can you do?

  • Include animations
  • Incorporate the latest mobile app design trends
  • Modify the app layout design
  1.  Conversion rate goes down

Low conversion might be due to many reasons, such as non-attractive UX or less-enthusiastic users. Whatever the reason is, it is a green signal to consider redesigning your application. What can you do?

  • Enhance the UX 
  • Use appealing layout to grab visitors attention
  • Add new features
  • Work on the weak areas of the app
  1. App does not meet users needs

This can be recognized through the points below:

  • Users’ angry comments on the app’s page
  • A definite issue that many users are facing (based on their reviews)
  • Negative reviews and low app ratings


How to Redesign Your Application?

Now that you realized what your design needs, it is time to take the necessary steps for successful app redesign.

  1. Analyze your app analytics in real-time

This will help you keep track of your app’s performance and progress, making problems visible. Analyze your app based on these aspects:

  • User satisfaction
  • Active user ratio
  • App drop-off rate
  • App activation rate
  • Goal completion factors
  1. Communicate with the audience and read user reviews for insights 

These are the staircases that can help make your app user-oriented. User feedback/reviews are vital is guiding your app redesign process. Just implement the functions, features and fix problems that your users have mentioned. Also, surveys can help you get valuable insights about your product. 

  1. Check market trends and competitors 

Have an eagle eye on the latest mobile app design trends and competitors’ products. This will help you make the right app redesign decisions. 


Benefits of App Redesign

  1. A new look of your app

Mobile app redesign helps your business earn the utmost profit by bringing life to your app layout, and changing the perception of your app.

  1. Meeting users’ expectations

By employing the UI redesign process, you can make your users happy.

  1. Advanced usability  

UI redesign maximizes your app’s usability potential. 

  1. Filling gaps in the existing design 

Redesigning an app can help you fix the existing problems and solve users’ challenges in the best possible way.

Key Takeaways

It is crucial that you make sure your brand is well-acknowledged and updated. Considering the advantages of app redesign, it is probably one of the most effective solutions to maximize your business profitability, enhance brand visibility, drive sales, and bring more users. However, the journey of redesigning your app can either be a success or a hassle that leads your company to business loss. That is why make sure you hire an experienced mobile design agency that follows all the defined app development standards. At Loonar Studios, we have enough skills and expertise to help you with any of your app redesign needs. Contact us to get a free quote. Stay safe!