What is UI Design?

If you search for some professional opinions of what is UI design, you will find numerous definitions that are partially identical to UX design. When describing UI, some people even refer to UX structural elements. Furthermore, if you search for job posts like “UI designer needed,” you will see numerous interpretations of the role that is akin to frontend developer, branding, or/and graphic designer. Which version is correct? The answer is: Neither. Despite UI being a practiced field, the question of “What is UI design?” is not so easy to answer due to various misinterpretations. In this article, we will try to define UI design and explain how it differs from UX design.  

What Is UI Design?

Since any software is intangible, the only way users can interact/control it is through a designed interface. Therefore, UI design can be defined as the creation of graphical interface for software, which focuses on pleasurability, efficiency, and usability. The simplest example of UI design is the look of a mobile application. But do not worry if you are still confused! You are not the only one! Let us explain it this way. UI design is a product’s:

  • Makeup – directives, hints, and guides that lead users
  • Senses – interactivity and reactivity in response to input
  • Skin graphic or visual presentation

Or let us take a quick look at the UI designer’s responsibilities to help us shape the definition of UI design:

  • Animation
  • Prototyping
  • Implementation with devs
  • Interactivity and responsiveness

Generally, the measure of a well-designed UI is efficiency and usability. Especially, when it comes to creating web design for online games. At the same time, the purpose of UI design is to make browsing experience pleasurable and fun for users as well.   1. UI is a process of guiding the users through the interface of a product via interactive elements 2. UI transfers the brand’s visuals and strengths to the interface of a product  

UI Design Components

1. Forms
  • Select menus
  • Checkbox/Radio Inputs
  • Text inputs
2. Media/Images
  • Images
  • Iconography
  • Logos
3. Typography
  • Lists
  • Elements of text (paragraphs, standfirsts)
  • Subheadings/Headings

  Ideally, people should be able to do whatever they want online, without noticing the interface. From this perspective, a high-quality UI means UI invisible to any individual who uses it. In other words, he/she should interact with the portrayed reality without thinking that, for example, icons he/she sees are responsible for producing changes.   Related readings on Loonar Studios


UI Design vs UX Design

UI design refers to the User Interface design, while UX design means User Experience design. Both elements work closely together, both are close in some ways, crucial to a product and essential to its success. Perhaps that is why UI and UX are some of the most misused and confused terms in the field of web/mobile design. However, despite their connection, UI and UX have different professional roles, referring to different parts of the design creation process. User Interface Design is the presentation and interactivity of a product, its feel/look, while User Experience is a human-first way of designing products focused on their optimization for enjoyable/effective use. A great product experience begins with User Experience followed by User Interface. Say, an app is a human body, then the code represents the bones that structure it. Therefore, the UX design will be the organs supporting life functions. Then, UI design will be the cosmetics responsible for reactions, senses, and presentation of a body. UX without UI can be compared to the empty photo frame, while UI without UX can be compared to a photographer making photos without any thought. To sum up, UX is a more technical/analytical sphere, while UI is more close to what can be referred to as graphic design. At Loonar Studios, we are familiar with both terms as we are capable of creating a professional web design that perfectly caters to your customers’ mindsets and buying patterns. Contact us now to get a free quote!