What is ERP and How It Can Help Your Company Grow

Try to search what is Enterprise Resource Planning, and you will find many various, often confusing explanations. Indeed, neither its full, nor short name does not provide the ability to fully understand what is ERP system and why is it necessary for businesses. Actually, ERP systems are a tool capable of integrating, scaling, and transforming the internal mechanism of companies. This article is a short introduction to ERP systems, shedding some light on what they are, what they do, and why they are so important.


What is Enterprise Resource Planning?

In order to understand what is ERP solution, let’s think of a wide range of processes necessary to run a company, such as HR, CRM, management, accounting, and so on. Now imagine that there is a software capable of integrating all these operations into one system, streamlining your data. You have just imagined a ERP system.


Types of ERP

  1. Mobile ERP system. It provides the ability to perform important business operations, while accessing information about the client in real-time no matter his or her location.
  2. Modular ERP software. This system is perfect for small companies, providing the ability to pick a certain feature instead of buying a full package (more costly option).
  3. Cloud ERP solution. The long list of advantages of these systems includes cheaper implementation, maintenance, and higher productivity.
  4. Social ERP system. This software allows tracking and monitoring of social interaction channels that impact customer engagement.

How ERP Systems Work?

ERP software helps workers in performing their daily tasks. It allows to remove barriers between different departments. This involves tools and applications used to control and manage day-to-day processes such as manufacturing, PM, accounting, customer support. marketing, IT, sales, finance, project management, etc. Instead of maintaining a separate spreadsheet and database, you now can create a shared database – probably the main advantage of using ERP systems. Typically, it offers synchronized automation as well as the ability to support many functions. From now on, all your staff will rely on the same data.


Benefits of using ERP Software:

  • Automated day-to-day operations
  • Improved client satisfaction
  • ERP solutions display real-time information, allowing to solve many issues more effectively
  • Improved financial compliance and reduced risk  
  • Facilitated data unification
  • Speeded up planning and reporting, less errors
  • Improved supply chain management
  • Improved overall efficiency of a business
  • More efficient inventory management  
  • ERP systems allow to manage capital more effectively
  • Improved data quality, collaboration, and accessibility

How ERP Can Help Your Company Grow?

ERP software helps businesses become successful. They tie together all operations in a company, making it more productive, and efficient. Recently, these systems are frequently used to handle so-called  “front-office” operations such as SFA, marketing automation, and e-commerce. However, they can easily manage business intelligence as well. That is why many companies from wholesale to e-commerce decide to run ERP system. Moreover, due to the quick development of cloud ERP, it has become even more easier and affordable to implement these systems, which enables real-time reporting. To conclude, regardless of your business type, size, or sphere, it probably has numerous sensitive areas that need to be managed as effectively as possible. The implementation of ERP systems is the best solution in this case. Enterprise Resource Planning software offers a wide range of functions, binding together all important operations across your company. It applies integrated solutions to streamline, automate, and connect different units/departments such as IT, finance, HR, customer support, sales, ets. What is more important, ERP software develops your company by increasing your profits. We are capable of creating a ERP software of any complexity and for any business. What we offer is high-quality Enterprise Resource Planning development with a wide range of functions and possible options. Contact us right now to get a free quote!