Trends in Web Design for 2019

2019 is already here! In the modern saturated and vast web world, amazing visuals and high-quality UI/UX are not something unique – they are expected. So the new year is all about delivering an outstanding web and mobile design. Staying current on trends is significant to the success of any web and mobile design from California to New York. Many trends are cyclical by nature – they come and go just like the seasons and tides. Others are here to stay. Traditionally, web designers prioritize immersive video backgrounds, asymmetrical layouts, eye-catching simple designs, responsiveness, and website load speed. These web design trends have become common. Understanding the difference between a passing fad and a real trend in the industry is crucial when creating a site. In this article, we will be talking of some of the new standards being implemented across the web as well as of fresh trends in web design for 2019 that allow to grab the people’s attention and keep them engaged. Read also: HOW TO LAUNCH YOUR PRODUCT WITH OPTIMIZED BUDGET AND TERMS Top Web & Mobile Design Trends When it comes to web design trends, they are not something that changes within a few weeks so it is impossible to chase their evolution. Trends evolve gradually, providing the ability and time for designers to find the most creative way of approaching them. Based on our experience, a clean, minimalistic interface remains to be the main trend in web design industry. This can be explained by the simple fact that it looks great on both mobile and desktop screens. Surprisingly, but this trend allows for a broadest flourishing of creativity and imagination. Gathered below are the top trend predictions for 2019. However, this is by no means the last say on web and mobile design for the upcoming year:

  • Custom 3D graphics.

In 2019, the impact of 3D design is noticeable in all areas of design. 3-dimensional designs seem to be everywhere right now. Thus, we expect this trend to evolve at a faster rate in the upcoming year.

  • Isometrics

In 2019, web designers are expected to prefer isometric projections to display the whole composition. Isometry is a technique of visual representation, when 3-dimensional objects are displayed in 2 dimensions. We predict to see many amazing isometrics in the nearest future.

  • Dark themes (Mohave style).

After the release of Dark style (Mac OS), we expect the world of design to be filled with a wide range of dark themes and customization options. Generally speaking, you will be capable of fully customizing your interface. Read also: OVERVIEW OF THE WEB DEVELOPMENT PROCESS

  • Minimalism

As mentioned above, minimalism continues to be popular among web designers. A minimalistic design presupposes that the page is simple and clean with a minimum of elements and complex structures.

  • Animated 3D

Another popular trend in 2019 is combining animation with 3D effect. So we expect to see more animated 3D to attract the user’s attention.

  • Gradients and bright colors.

This trend remains relevant today. Moreover, it is expected to persist for a long time. The modernization of gradients is already a popular design solution among creatives that impacts design as a whole.

  • Full-Screen background images

The full use of space is another important trend of the following year that revives the interface and adds more color to it.

  • Creative loaders

Old boring download bars are no longer relevant. In 2019, we expect to see more and more creative methods of loading.

  • Liquid effect

Liquid graphics and fonts create a fluid visual identity and stylish, clever design that builds buzz.

  • Bold typography

In today’s rushed world, people have less and less time to spend on sites. From this perspective, mobile design is adapting by using shortened messaging, and bolded, large titles (paired with much smaller sub-text copy) to capture and convert the auditory.

  • Colorful illustrations

The variety of colorful illustrations is an interesting web and mobile design trend we have noticed becoming more and more popular. Businesses move towards a branded design based on product/page that changes when the users interact with it. This allows creating an outstanding design with visual color cues that help people navigate through the website. Read also: BENEFITS OF OUTSOURCING Looking Ahead to 2019 Web and Mobile Design Trends As trends evolve, so does the world of web and mobile design from California to New York. At Loonar Studios, we know that staying atop them is crucial to keep your site beautiful, fresh, and productive. That is why we have taken the time to highlight these trends we believe will make a significant influence on the web design industry this year. As an experienced web design studio, we know how to help your business succeed online through digital marketing, and UI/UX design and development. Are you ready to take your website design to new heights? Then, contact us right now!