Things You Should Know About SEO In 2019

In 2019, SEO has become more complex than ever before. At the moment, it is a dynamic, fast-paced, and often frustrating field that leaves no chances to rely on outdated and irrelevant methods. That is why it is important for us to learn permanently and stay well-informed. So it is time to take a closer look at what is ahead for SEO experts in 2019. In this posting, we will scratch the surface of SEO and talk about some tactics and strategies that will help you build an effective SEO and earn more revenue.


What’s new about SEO in 2019

Presently, SEO involves much more than just increasing the visibility of your brand or business, improving your organic search results, creating content, or building links. SEO is about effectively reaching your audience, implementing technological advancements, understanding algorithmic changes, and keeping track of emerging trends. What we have gathered here are some of the most significant SEO trends that each California, New York, Atlanta, Seattle design studio must be aware of today. Ready? Your trip through SEO in 2019 starts now!

SEO Trends & Insights

  • Optimizing for Google search experience

In addition to optimizing for your site, you should also optimize for Google search experience. It continues to be a trend in 2019, and it is currently more important than ever before. Optimizing for Google search features includes carousels, knowledge graphs, answer boxes, and many other elements of your website that, if left unoptimized, will decrease your organic traffic.

  • Machine Learning

We have not yet experienced the true power of what machine learning can be. Nevertheless, it is expected to explode in 2019. Machine learning is imperative to understanding failures and successes of your online business. That is why businesses will need to adopt it in order to create effective content for SEO based on their specific preferences and variables.

  • Voice Search Feature

Just like winter, voice search is coming. More and more businesses will implement this feature in 2019. Many mobile design companies predict that it will soon become a crucial part of what they call “conversational search.” The use of voice may vary from region to region. However, it will become a game changer for many multilingual and multinational companies.

  • On-page optimization

This trend continues to be important in 2019. On-page SEO tactics include providing the visitors with the ability to easily navigate to any location on a website, using chatbots, shortening conversion process, and creating the content that can answer common user questions.


  • Technical SEO

Sites continue to grow in complexity in 2019. This makes tech SEO a crucial area of investment. It focuses mainly on PWAs (every website should consider the option of building a PWA), JavaScript, and speed (websites will become faster and simpler).

  • Increasing trustworthiness, authority, and expertise

Another significant trend in 2019 is to establish and grow trustworthiness, authority, and expertise as quality always comes with context. Thus, consider looking at you content promotion and distribution from a reputation standpoint.

  • Creating unique content

Google is constantly turning their algorithms to intensify the evaluation of content quality at the breadth and depth of sites. Thus, you must ensure the best in-depth experience to your users. What you should to do is build content that connects with people, motivates them to act; content that moves and solves their problems.

  • Structured data markup

Google gradually moves from a mob-first to an AI-first approach. As an experienced web design studio, we would recommend you to use structured data whenever possible as it becomes more and more important today. If it takes too long to process the data on a website, even a perfect AI will not save it.

  • Going beyond Google

Can you imagine someone cut into Google’s search dominance? It is already happening. In 2019, SEO is not just about optimizing for Google. We recommend you to also look at the other search engines, such as Yahoo and Bing.

  • Understanding your audience

Find out what people is expecting to find on your website. Their preferences, tastes, and interests change more fast than you can imagine. So it is crucial for content experts to focus on the intent of the keywords they target while preparing the content. If it is prepared for a wrong auditory, it will not grow the company.

Key Takeaways

Along with the content marketing, SEO is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. In order for it to be effective, you need at least a basic knowledge of SEO. Trends and insights listed above will help you build a successful website that ranks high in the search engines. At Loonar Studios, , we can help you build an outstanding design of any complexity for your website. We provide UI/UX design and development, 3d modeling, mobile development, and many other services. Contact us now to get a free quote!