Finding “golden mean” when speaking about cost and quality in outsourcing

Finding “golden mean” when speaking about cost and quality in outsourcing

The classical benefits of IT outsourcing are global delivery, standardization, and cost. However, in practice, outsourcing IT projects has as many pros as cons. Overly focused on cost, many customers often end up making wrong decisions regarding their outsourcing partner. Undoubtedly, price is an important factor. But quality and time are just as crucial. So how to get the golden mean? How to find the best possible combination of the quality-time-price triangle? In this article we will try to do it. Currently, more than 60% of companies throughout the world prefer enjoying the benefits of outsourcing rather than having their own in-house specialists. They can gain these benefits only in case of choosing reliable outsourcing companies.  


Imagine that your company has just determined a need for a mobile app that uses advanced algorithms and data to help manage business objectives. Usually, it would take lots of time to find an experienced developer that has a required specific knowledge. Luckily, your boss happened to find a great app development company next door. They have a team of experienced mobile developers who had previously worked on mobile apps similar to the one your company needs. Also, they have collaborated with data scientists from various universities, specializing in data science. So your outsourcing partner took it upon themselves to find out everything they can about the required app, including its specific target audience, stakeholders, and market circumstances. They started right away. As they were located on the other side of the street and eager to help you out, the communication between your office and their was practically flawless. During the process, they suggested several ways to improve the concept of your app. In the end, you paid for the work and time your outsourcing partner actually performed, and your new mobile app rolled out on time. Result: you’ve received a quality product at a great price and on time  


Sounds great, right? However, there is no point in denying that such situations are rare. Firstly, it is very unlikely that you’ll find a professional app developers like this other side of the street. Secondly, you cannot expect excellent quality in outsourcing delivered in no time and at a totally bargain price. Therefore, first of all, you’ll have to take a look at the app development companies available on the market. Most likely you’ll have to compromise. If a low price is your top priority, you will focus on outsourcing companies in developing countries that offer cheap labor force. However, it may soon backfire in the quality department as cheap software development companies often take up work they are not qualified to do. At the same time, they use professional jargon that is difficult to stand up to without a proper comparison in order to explain all troubles and delays using the fact that their customers often do not have any IT knowledge. Result: the product is hardly ever delivered on time, and you will definitely overpay.  

The Golden Mean

First of all, browse through the developer portfolio and try to find a project, the scope of which goes far beyond casual app development. For example, a project that has to do with IoT devices or advanced data processing. In this case, you can be almost sure that you’ve just find a software developer capable of delivering high-quality projects on time. Usually, experienced software developers can be found all over the world. However, there is a good reason why many companies turn to the developers from Ukraine. That is because they provide the best quality-time-price combination. Ukrainian developers are still extremely competitive when it comes to cost. At the same time, they prove that they are some of the world’s best.  


It may sound cliché and simplistic, but the golden mean is the code quality combined with the understanding that a good software is not just about code quality. It is about delivering the right functionality to the right target customers. Outsourcing app-web development may bring lots of benefits, but only if you are able to find the right software development company that provides the very best combination of quality, time, and price. Use our advice to maximize your chances of finding an experienced outsourcing partner overseas you can cooperate with just as smoothly as it is described at the first part of the article.