Shopify Review. Is It The Best Solution for Ecommerce?

Shopify is definitely one of the best ecommerce solutions that provide the ability to sell products directly on a site, or across multiple social media and marketplaces. It is created to help business owners with varying levels of technical competency build a full-fledged ecommerce shop with tons of different applications and a bunch of built-in features. But is it really the best platform for ecommerce? In this posting, we will try to answer this question by reviewing Shopify, clarifying what it actually is, and how good is this solution compared to other online shop builders on the market. So grab a cup of tea and let’s get started!


What is Shopify?

As we have already said above, Shopify is an ecommerce site creator that can help you create your own online shop with ease. It is used by all types of businessmen, from multimillion dollar shop owners to small entrepreneurs. High-quality themes, great management instruments, and world-class applications are helping its users transform from small sellers into ecommerce giants. So why Shopify?

  • No need to spend a fortune to find and hire a professional web development agency
  • No need to have any code knowledge at all
  • No need to wait for your coder or agency to make necessary updates/changes

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Shopify?

Let’s start with the advantages. They are obvious: 

  • Shopify allows you to easily create and manage your online shop
  • Shopify allows you to sell your products across multiple channels, including eBay, Amazon, Instagram, and Facebook
  • Shopify provides multiple customization options, allowing for an unlimited customization potential (not free though)

Disadvantages of Shopify are less noticeable: 

  • Lack of flexibility. You will have to reformat your content each time you switch to another theme
  • Transaction fee with Shopify Payments
  • You may find the Shopify dashboard too complicated to use. Well, it depends on your technical competency


Shopify Themes

Shopify comes with 10 free themes and 50+ paid ones. They are all well-designed, clean, and mobile-friendly, meaning they will adjust to fit tablet or mobile screen sizes. The dashboard is a place where you can easily set or change your theme. If you need a bit of customization work, this can be easily done using the editing interface. This is a section responsible for your store aesthetic. You can get you storefronts translated into multiple languages, or easily change how they look. In addition, Shopify provides the ability to add high-quality product images that are always crucial to sales. The platform comes with numerous free stock images as well as image editor that allows you add filters, resize, and crop your images.

Shopify Sales Features and Tools

Shopify is an ecommerce platform that combines power with ease of use. It has more than 1200 applications along with all the tools you need to boost your ecommerce performance, from multi-channel integration to payment gateways and analytical tracking. Shopify app store allows for even more capabilities! Some of the key features include:

  • Shipping Options

Shopify does a great job saving you the hassle of searching for your own courier. It performs your clients’ deliveries effectively and efficiently. 

  • Payment Options 

Shopify allows you to sell in multiple currencies, supporting more than 100 payment systems, including Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Stripe, PayPal, etc., along with abovementioned Shopify Payments.

  • Abandoned Cart Recovery

This feature allows to generate abandoned cart emails if a customer has left your online shop without completing a purchase. Thereby, Shopify allows you to get the best possible out of every potential sale.

  • Multi-Channel Integration

Shopify provides the ability for you to integrate your ecommerce shop with the biggest online channels, such as eBay, Amazon, Instagram, and Facebook. Imagine that you own several brick and mortar stores, but you have to only pay for one. 

  • Shopify Customer Support and Help 

Shopify comes with round-the-clock live chat and phone support as well as Help Center packed full of useful tutorials and guides. Also, you can easily contact these guys via social media or email.


Key Takeaways

Shopify is a perfect solution if you are looking for a robust yet effective online store creator that will help you manage administrative tasks, increase sales, and design your own ecommerce site. It is simple to use, clear, and clean, with its useful apps, well-crafted themes, powerful management tools, and tons of sales features to help you scale up quickly. At Loonar Studios, we can recommend Shopify to anyone looking to start selling online. In case you need a hand in customization your online store or just professional advice and guidance, you know what to do. Good luck!