Relevant CMS 2020

Nowadays, it`s almost impossible to run a business of any size, without being web presented. Thus, websites have already become a crucial part of the successful companies, from big corporations to home business. But, one more significant key to your success is the quality of your website and how it was created. So, let`s consider the best solutions for 2020 to get a web presence of any type.


Corporate WebSites

When your goal is to show yourself or your product on the Web, the best solution is to use already created CMS and customize it. 

Among different CMSs, we can emphasize WordPress 5.3. Currently, WordPress is the undisputed leader and an ideal choice for small websites. It has a wide range of themes, that can be customized according to your wishes and requirements. 

WordPress is a suitable variant also for medium size corporate websites, that have several pages. But you have to take into consideration if you want to integrate specific things, such as your own order system, unusual drag, and drop or want to use the unique flow, there is no point in using WP. Obviously, WP has a lot of additional plugins, but most of them cover trivia requirements. So, if you suppose that you want to use something not casual, it`s will be better to code your own CMS. 

PHP 7.x and its frameworks Laravel and YII2 is the most progressive and modern way to create your website from scratch and assured yourself, it will work without bugs and issues. Especially it is an appropriate option for large corporate websites. Mostly, such types of websites have specific logic and integrations and trying to adopt WP to its requirements will be just wasting time.



From the very beginning, WordPress was a platform for creating blogs. Undoughtly, using WP will be a perfect way to create your small blog or news portal, because of the functionality almost the same. It also concerns and medium mass media websites. Mostly, WP plugins and themes provide you with enough templates for it, and you don`t have a need to customize your CMS for small and medium-size mass media websites. 

The expectation is large websites. The majority of such portals use such things as subscriptions, marking favorites, audio and video plays, etc.. For such features WP is not enough, and making CMS is obviously the best way to minimize risks in your website working.

Landing Page

Landing Page – is a single-page website, which used to present you or to promote your product. Therefore, you can get it with a customized WP theme and it would be enough. If you even don`t need some dynamic on your Landing Page, you can use HTML/CSS coding for it.



Probably, selling something on the Internet is one of the most popular types of business. It can be a huge corporation and small business as well. And for every and each type, there are their own E-commerces and solutions for them. 

First of all, it is a small E-commerces. Mostly used by startups or home business. And there is no sense in extra features. Adding and deleting goods, contact forms, filters, etc.. would be enough and to realize it, there two solutions. The first one is  WooComerce, it is a WP`s plugin and if you are already worked with WP it is a perfect choice. WooComerce offers you selling products, go through all goods or rate items. And as a nice addition, there is a lot of extinction that will simplify running business. 

The second way to get small e-commerce is Shopify, this platform has numerous already adopted themes which you need just to customize and sell without additional efforts. When you want to have something more, it will depend on what you are going to implement. If you pursue a goal to expand your store and add more goods and some new pages, using Shopify and WooComerce is still a good way. But, such things as discounts, advanced filters to navigate your products, add discount codes, compare products, and up-sell or cross-sell them are not trivia for these builders. And in this case, it’s better to make your custom-designed e-commerce. With it, you will get all the functions you want, without any borders. Also, you personalized it for your market niche. 

Obviously, it will be faster than adopting a builder to your requirements for big solutions. Actually, this rule concerns large e-commerces and marketplaces as well. Such huge platforms couldn`t be created on builder platforms. You can face a lot of issues during developing or don`t implement everything you want. 

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Key takeaways

As you can see, there are different solutions for every unique task. If you are sure that the following year is the right time to get a present on the Web, we will help you to choose the best option for your aim. Have you found what you were looking for? Time to Contact us and discuss your future Web presence.