Promo Website for Mobile Application

Great apps promote themselves. But if your app is new to the mobile app world, you will definitely need an additional promotion. If you want to promote your mobile application, it is obvious that a mobile-friendly promo site is necessary. This is is an extremely popular solution in today’s business world. Creating a professional promo site that represents your app is the best way to start with the right foot in the mobile app market.
The statistic says that the user’s impression is more positive after seeing a promotional website for a product. Almost half of them start using this app daily or at least read about it on App Store or Google Play. In this article, we will talk about some benefits of creating a promotional website for mobile app.
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What Is Promo Website?

A promotional website is an interactive online brochure containing stunning photography, graphics, and some type of interaction for sharing information. It allows you to get creative with your marketing. These websites are the most common type of sites on the Web. Usually, they are beautifully creative, mobile-friendly, fully responsive, and easy to maintain.
Undoubtedly, any typical website includes some level of creativity to stand out from the competitors. However, promo sites are the place where this creativity reaches the top. Traditionally, designers use them to bring their most crazy ideas into life. So if you need some inspiration, promo web design is probably the best place to look for it.


Benefits of Creating Promo Websites

  • Repeated Exposure

A promo website results in a repeated exposure of your brand’s message and logo, resulting in positive impression to your business. This is a crucial aspect to keep in mind when it comes to marketing your app.

  • Marketing Platform

A promo website’s staying power makes is a great advertising instrument. It creates a portfolio for your mobile application.

  • Lasting Impact

A promo website ensures a better promotion for your product. It is a proven fact that this kind of sites have a lasting impact on visitor’s memory. As a result, they will remember the product, and the associated company.

  • Relatively Smaller Investment

It does not matter if your budget is tiny or huge. A promo website is something that gets close to the “passive traffic” idea without much money. In other words, when you build a promotional website for your app, you can relax while everything gets passive and automated.

  • Improved Client’s Loyalty

By engaging with your clients through the use of promo website, you can improve their loyalty. If your promo website design is well enough to get your customers interested, you can expect them to download/purchase and install your app. Building a promo website allows you to create a profitable long-term relationship with your customers.
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  • Increased Income

With more interest and traffic, the income of your company will be getting bigger and bigger as the time passes. Promotional websites create a great value for your business.

  • More Traffic

A professional promo website will be visited/reviewed by many people worldwide. This traffic can be redirected to your business’s website.

  • Business/Professional Opportunities

A promo website is a true gold mine for your business as it can improve your advertising reach.

  • Business Card

A business card is a valuable business staple. From this perspective, a promotional website is a creative and fun way to showcase your company details.

  • Awareness

Any business gains more value when its brand awareness improves. With a promotional website you can make your business popular by reaching thousands of potential customers. The moment they recognize a name of your company, he or she is more likely to purchase something from you instead of other no-name company.

  • Brand Recognition

A promo website makes your brand stand out from the crowd and remain in the minds of your clients. It is what can help you increase the recognition of your brand and keep it top of mind.
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A promotional website is a goldmine for your application. Not having it would be a big mistake for any web development agency as the potential opportunities you will get from creating it are huge. A promotional website allows to generate lots of leads to your business. At Loonar Studios, we think that any web development business is all about relationships, and promotional websites are what keep them in good shape. Our team knows how to build a professional promo website design for your mobile application to make the right impression of it, and leave your clients with a sweet and everlasting memory of your business. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Good luck!