Product Website Design

In order to determine what is a great product website design and why we need it, let us first answer the question: what is a product anyway? What is meant by saying “a product.” Sometime ago, this term was used only in relation to material goods that can be found in any shop. However, things change and today’s products mean digital products as well. They also include websites and mobile applications. Whether you are a product manager, developer, or web designer, it is crucial to understand the product website design process in order to create a real masterpiece. Product design is what can give you the edge over your competitors, and set your business apart from the rest. When it comes to designing great products, it is important to complete all stages such as ideation, research, validation, and testing. In this article, we’ve decided to give some useful advice that will help you create a high-quality product design. Read also: How To Build a Mobile Application?  

What Is Product Website Design?

Generally, it is the process of designing great products for people. What can be simpler, huh? However, it includes several crucial stages that could make it complex. In order to build product web design, a designer should first do the following:

  • Identify a market opportunity
  • Define the problem as clearly as possible
  • Develop a solution and validate it

A design thinking approach is what can help in this case. It is the foundation of the product creation design process. Design thinking can be defined as a method that integrates the requirements for corporate success, possibilities of technology, and needs of customers. It is a user-centric approach to create effective and meaningful solutions for customers. In other words, a design thinking incorporates ideas and methods of user-centered design into a unified concept, focused on end-to-end product development. That is why professional designers always use it when designing new products (both digital or physical). Read also: Things You Should Know About SaaS Applying a design thinking method allows designers understand the UX of a product as a whole, not only the visual (look) or interaction (feel) part of it. By focusing on understanding customer’s preferences and finding the optimal solutions to meet them, a design thinking approach increases the probability of success.  


How To Build Product Website Design?

Just as with any design creation process, product web design is a set of steps that designers should follow from the beginning to the end. A well-structured and solid process helps stay on schedule and stay focused. Generally, it includes the following: 1.Defining the vision/idea 2.Researching 3.Performing market analysis 4.Designing 5.Validating and testing Read also: What is UX Design?  

Things You Should Know About Product Website Design

  • Communication is a basis for product design. Many brilliant concepts failed as they were not approved by the team. That is why a product designer should also be a great communicator
  • It is a never-ending process. Products constantly evolve, they are never done. That is why product design is never a one-time thing, but a process of refinement and iteration
  • It is not a linear process as there is always a lot of back and forth moves
  • It should always fit the particular needs of the project, both functional and business.That is why in most cases there is no one-fits-all solution in product website design
  • It should be informative. Be sure to include the right information without bogging it down too much in detail
  • It should be personal. Allow customers to “create their own” products
  • It should be easy for customers to find
  • It should be fun and interesting, especially in case if your product is a less-than-riveting

Read also: Ecommerce. How to Build Online Shop? To sum up, when designing products, the crucial thing you must remember is that design you create is meant for users. A high-quality product design presupposes that you deliver the right UX with the right features for the right audience. Therefore, first of all you should define your auditory, identify their problems, and then create a product that can solve them. At Loonar Studios, we know that people judge a book by its cover. And the same goes for your product/ecommerce website. We know how to design delightful product pages as we know what makes them stand apart. Ready to work on your product page, redesign your current website, or create a new ecommerce site? Contact us to get a free quote!