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The goal

Brandwill is our long term trusted client partner. We have already cooperated with them on lots of projects. And they hired us again to build a website and perform IOS and Android native app development for a big Arabian-based car leasing company.


Our team got a new exciting experience while working on this project. It was the first time, when the client provided us with a ready design. In our turn, our task was to develop a high-quality platform that would allow the following:

1. To get operative information about leasing services.

2. To make calculations of leasing payments.

3. To submit an online application for leasing.

4. To control signed contracts and leasing payments.

5. To get special offers from company.

6. To make hundreds of other things.

Mobile screens
300 h
iOS development
310 h
Android development
90 h
Management and QA
50 d
Project time


As mentioned above, we were provided with the client’s design. At the beginning of the project, we have already had a ready design and clear requirements for simple web development and nothing more. Our team has decided to develop this platform using WordPress CMS. We thought it would be the usual work for us. But we were wrong. During the ongoing project, we were requested to add more and more features. As a result, the project was becoming more and more complex, and, in final, we the client requested for mobile app development. While we were working on Tamwily, our team used all possible WordPress features. To be honest, if we had known that the project would become so complicated, we would never propose to use WordPress for it.


As our team wasn’t involved in the design process, we did not create wireframes. We are not even sure that the client’s designers did them. The only thing we did was checking the logic. We have found some issues and solved them during the development stage.


We had not been involved in the design process and received ready design from the client. Hm…, this was something new for us, but why not?



We proposed the following tech stack for the project:
IOS   :   C++ (native development)
Android   :    Java (native development)
API   :    Rest API, json


The work without our own design. Huge platform for a big company. A lot of new challenges during the project. It was an unforgettable experience for us and we think that we can be really proud of the results.

Check it out yourself or to form your own opinion:

Website    IOS app    Android.