Look like a leader!


The goal

We are deeply convinced that the returning customers mean that we are on the right track. We were again approached by Brandwill agency, Saudi Arabia, with the offer to jointly develop a corporate website of SBM. We have already worked with them on the previous projects, and we knew that their organization and cooperation are of the highest quality.

Our task was to redesign the main site of SBM, as well as find creative frontend solutions.


SBM is a part of IBM corporation. So it was a very huge responsibility for us to generate good ideas and provide extraordinary final product.

The main requirements that we received from the customer were as follows:
– adhere to the company’s brand book fundamentals;
– use the design of IBM main site as a basis;
– develop an adaptive version of the site for correct display on mobile devices.

The main challenge was the lack of time. The client wanted to have design and frontend prepared before New year. This meant we had only one month to do it. So we decided to parallel the designer’s and frontend developer’s work to save our time, and to add one more designer for responsive versions of design layouts.

18 h
Inception phase
> 90 h
> 100 h
20 d
Project time


It was simple yet interesting for us to work on this project. Our customer SBM and our partner Brandwill agency have provided all the necessary materials – the clear vision of the project as well as ready color and visual solutions of the corporate identity.


We left the structure and UX of the SBM website unchanged as the client did not want to make changes to it. That is why we simply used old pages as wireframes.


Our designers fell in love with this project right way, firing with ideas along with the customer and shaping the corporate style of the product, from which one can say “WOW, this is the top brand!”


Particular attention was given to the convenience of users when searching for the necessary information on the site as well as the opportunity for the company’s employees to use it. Every detail, every stroke, every decision was aimed at creating a positive user experience from using the site

Just as in our other projects, all icons and graphics were completely unique, being developed exclusively for this product.



We used Foundation framework for frontend. It fitted the best for this kind of design.
Backend development was made by the client’s team.


We did it! 22 days for design and development. This is the time it took the team consisting of two designers, one frontend developer and project manager to release the project in time.We are thankful to our customer SBM and our partner Brandwill agency for the opportunity to work on such an interesting project.