Innovative e-commerce where classical design meets modern solutions.


The goal

Rope is an exclusive online supplier of limited edition runs of leading apparel brands. They hired us to create new unique UI/UX design of their website and well as convert design into HTML pages. So, it’s time to create something amazing!


The target audience of Rope is people who like to be in trend. Therefore, we had to create the design of luxury e-commerce. The website must be unusual but at the same time comfortable and follow all rules of UI and UX. We have to harmonize nonstandard solutions with rules of e-commerce. Also, our vision needed to be harmonized with ideas and wants of our client.

2 vers.
> 100 h
UI Design
> 100 h
Frontend Development
> 50 h
Management and QA


After the brainstorm and long-term discussions, our designer’s team suggested an idea of design in “classic” style but with modern elements and very beautiful UI. We dropped ideas with the very complicated design. Our frontend developer was stopping the extreme flight of fantasy of the executive designer and Art Director and all the time getting them back them to the real life of HTML/CSS.

Finally parties harmonized their visions. Fuh…


We created two versions of the wireframes and performed A/B testing to see which flow is better and where the narrow parts are. Basically both versions were good. So in final we took the best parts from both versions.



As mentioned, we have decided to create in “classic” style. What can be more classic than black and white colors? So, these colors’ combination is major on the Rope, it gives a clean and minimalistic view. Also, without a lot of additional colors, users can easily concentrate their attention on goods.

We prepared two versions of design – for desktops and for mobile phones.



Our frontend developer converted the design into HTML files.
The markup supports all known browsers and all resolutions for desktops, tablets and mobile phone. It is fully compatible with any devices.


It is not the first time when we work with e-commerce and create the new design from scratch. But it always a new experience and motivation to create something beautiful. This project is not the exception. It gave us an unforgettable opportunity to level up our UI/UX and frontend skills. Waiting for your opinion.