Nice, clean and minimalistic!

Regal Digital Agency

The goal

The main goal was to design and develop a website from the scratch for Digital Agency based in California.

Although this company has strong sales and management teams, they offered us to take care of their web representation.

They wanted not more than and not less than an award winning website. Everything else was in our hands.


The client had nothing to provide. No content, no branding guide, no ideas. All they knew was that they needed a website.

Well… It was quite a challenge to work under such conditions.

20 h
Inception phase
> 100 h
> 150 h
46 d
Project time


We gathered the team consisting of executive UI designer, art director, graphic designer and project manager to analyze similar websites and similar solutions.

After very productive conference with the client, they gave us a full carte blanche in terms of design. They absolutely trusted us as we have previously worked together on the other projects.

That is why we were full of ideas and creativity for this project.


We decided to save the client’s money and work without wireframes.
We have already designed lots of similar websites so we knew exactly how UX should be build is this case.


We prepared several logo solutions and the client chose black minimalist one.

It was totally a freestyle work. We were not limited with any frames and requirements. So we decided to go with one-screen retro style. Our graphic designer prepared custom illustrations as currently it is a must have feature for websites that want to be in top ratings.


Initially, the project’s name was D3 – Digital Design and Development.

However, it was changed to Regal Digital.

Fortunately, the design we prepared was universal. So all we needed to do is to draw a new logo.


We used a standard tech stack for such websites: HTML/CSS, Bootstrap framework and WordPress CMS.

Finally, we filled the website with the content and did SEO optimization with our copywriters.


It was a quite interesting project as we had no frames and no requirements at all. 
We were allowed to be as creative as we can, implementing any ideas and solutions. 

We were free to make A/B testing and adjust layouts.

A complete freestyle. A dream project!