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Progressive Automation Desk

The goal

The main goal was to design and develop e-commerce solution for the company that will sell standing desks with accessories.


The most challenging thing on this project was the product customizer/builder.
Builders are always difficult features to create both in terms of UX and coding. At Loonar Studios, we like complicated tasks. And this one was one of such tasks.

Another challenge was to make the whole backend work properly. Our project manager worked closely with the client during all stages of the project to achieve it.

> 30
12 h
Inception phase
> 200 h
> 250 h
> 70 d
Project time


The main solution was to organize management properly. While the UX designer worked on her part of the project, our PM was collecting all necessary information about the website’s functions and dividing it into sprints.

They say good management solves many problems from the start. That’s true.


The client was aware of the importance of creating wireframes.
The project involved creating a complicated product builder. We knew that good UX and user flow are two key elements to be taken into account from the start. The most difficult part of the project was to create UX for product builder for mobile devices.

It was really difficult task due to many UX elements that be unified across all devices, including those with small screen size. But we did it!



The client provided branding colors, and, what’s more important, the idea of what they wanted.So all we had to do was follow their lead. Anyway, we prepared the moodboard and offered several styles.


The combinations of colors encourages feelings of serenity and offsets the stressfulness of shopping. Also, we build a strong SEO so that the website could be easily seen by search engines


The website was developed on Magento 2.1 platform.
The client had previous experience working with Magento 1.x., so they wished to use this tech stack.

We installed all necessary modules. However, the most complicated part was to create management features for product builder. May the details on how we did it remain our personal secret.


It was very interesting for us to create Progressive Automation Desk. We learned several new methods and developed several interesting solutions while working on it.

But the main thing is that the project met client’s expectations!
Good luck, Progressive Automation Desk!