Jewelry for everyone!


The goal

LeBlock is a e-commerce website that sales exclusive brand jewelry. It was built with a standard template so its image become outdated several years ago.

The main task was to redesign the website to make it modern, eye-catching, and user-friendly. While the old website was getting the majority of leads from referrals, the new one should maximize the online presence and start attracting prospects.


Actually, this project was not very challenging.
The client asked us to create the design that could be easily implemented into a current website to promote the brand with a fresh, clean design that would appeal to its clients. In addition, we needed to create a mobile version of the website so that the smartphone users could view it with ease.

2 h
Inception phase
> 80 h
6 h
14 d
Project time


We did not change the current website’s functionality to make it easy to integrate the new design with backend. Our team was aimed not to break website’s logic but to organize it. Also the new approach to UI was needed. With the majority of traffic coming from the mobile devices, it was imperative to make the responsive version of the site. Also, LeBlock was made optimized for search results (SEO).


We are always focused on the long- and short-term results of the ecommerce decisions being made. And we were capable of executing a website redesign of any complexity. However, as the website’s logic remained unchanged, we decided that wireframes are not necessary in this care. We always care about our client’s budget.


As usually, we designed two versions – for desktop and mobile users. 
Additionally, UI was re-build. We decided to leave several old design solutions, however, we changed the overall style and adjusted the color scheme.  

Also, content is always a king. Keeping this in mind, we created buttons to quick access to popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.




We did not provide neither frontend nor backend development for this project.


To sum up, the website has been fundamentally changed. Now its design looks modern and beautiful. The time spent on this project was fully paid off. Check it out: lebloc jewelry Doesn’t it look great? 🙂