Hit the aim

Kyanon Digital

The goal

Kyanon Digital is a fast growing, nimble, and innovative digital production house. In Vietnam, they are the leaders of the Agile movement. Adaptive planning and quick responsiveness to change are the key cornerstones of their business. Kyanon Digital focuses on Digital innovation and Digital Outsourcing.

Kyanon wanted to create a new face for their website. They had their own development team to make it live. What they needed was a professional web design agency with an outstanding approach to creativity to build high-quality design. And that is why they contacted us.


At Kyanon, all staff are are engaged in archery. So they choose Archery theme for their new website. Also, they wanted to have two core ideas incorporated into their website’s design:
– Our strengths are power, agility, focus, accuracy
– We are not executors, we are thinkers

Thus, we had to combine all those ideas in the design. First of all, It was a very big problem to find the appropriate archers images for the artwork. So we used several stock images while continuing browsing through hundreds of photos until we found the right ones.

The client has provided ready content, so there was no much challenge here.

4 h
Inception phase
> 60 h
8 h
PM time
10 d
Project time


It should have been minimalist website design with easy navigation.

We recommended “one screen” website structure, which was perfect for provided content. Also, we offered to design a separate responsive version of the website as they expected many mobile users.


We decided not to design wireframes for the project as we knew exactly how to design each page. UX was also simple. So there was no need to waste our time and client’s budget.


Moodboard was the first step in our journey.  We prepared several color schemes, fonts, and styles.

The client decided to take Red-Black-White theme. We did 4 iterations until they approved the Home page. We changed images of archers, switched different accents, added and removed elements of the artwork. It was really a challenge.

But after approval everything went smoothly. The client’s ideas become clear for us.



As mentioned, Kyanon team had their own frontend and backend developers.
So these tasks were out of our work’s scope.


This project was not easy to design as the client was very worried about the quality of UI/UX design. Nevertheless, we overcome all difficulties and delivered high-quality design in time.