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The goal

Ironhide Industries is a real estate consulting company specializing in corporate real estate strategy, construction and project management.

They requested for a new website that would help their offline business and position a company as professionals in local property advising. It should build customers loyalty by giving them useful advice on how to redesign their real estate. In addition, this new site should help promote the new image of real estate, and attract new clients (both sellers and buyers).


The client approached us with ready content and branding guide. Also, they provided partially ready images for case studies. Besides, they have prepared brief Technical requirements for the website. The client came up with a clear vision on the project, so it was not difficult for us to work with them.

Therefore, the main challenges were to fit their budget and timeframe. All we had to do is to do our job at the highest possible level.

7 h
Inception phase
> 40 h
> 50 h
5 h
Content filling
17 working days
Project time


Years of experience showed us that it is not just a property that people are designing, it is the area as well. After discussing with the client, we have decided to create a website in minimalist style with the focus on Case Studies and Solutions. In addition, we recommended to design a separate responsive version of the website as mobile traffic was of highly importance for the client. In addition, each page should play a significant role in the potential company’s sales.


The website’s structure as well as the structure of pages was very simple. We thoroughly discussed each page with the client to make sure we are on the right track. After an in-depth analysis of the website’s interface and budget, we came to the conclusion that it is not necessary to create wireframes. This decision however did not affect UX and usability of both desktop and mobile versions of the website.


The client requested us to make the design as simple as possible, with focus on the properties and content. And that is why what we created is simple corporate design. There was not much space for creativity due to the website’s specific niche and requirements received from the client. So we followed their branding guide.


We have managed to get the client’s idea from the start so there was only one iteration for design. We did our best to put this company far ahead of others in the local area.


According to the client’s request, we used WordPress CMS. It offers the simple solutions for simple websites. For frontend development, we used Bootstrap Framework due to its universality. We created a logically driven UX to aid visitors in making informed decisions. Ironhide was built in a way to make sure that it renders well across various screen sizes and devices


In the end, we have managed to fit into the client’s frames and release the finished product on time. At Loonar Studios, it is very important for us to always meet client’s expectations no matter the size or complexity of the project. Ironhide shows how an improved functionality, usability, and attractive design can help entice more users into increasing their contact with a brand, while expanding the digital footprint.