Need a new T-shirt?


The goal

Entripy is a leading Canadian website for screen printed apparel selling for schools, universities, teams. They had a website but it was obsolete. UI was rather poor, and UX was not user-friendly at all. So our goal was to solve those issues.
Also, they needed our help with frontend development.
Well, let’s go!


We had several challenges on this project.
1. As the client found us on Upwork, they decided to work via Upwork.
To be honest, this is not ideal platform for working. It freezes a lot. In addition, their time tracker does not always work correctly.

2. They already did a great job analyzing the old website’s UI and UX.
As a result, they prepared an 80 page document containing possible solutions and opinions that they shared with us.
Unfortunately, the conclusions of their previous designer were not always correct. Hence, many proposed solutions were not ideal.
So our task was to convince them that there are better solutions.

3. Complexity of the project.
The client required ideal UX for the project. We had to use a lot of elements and make them work together. The client wanted to have a complicated product builder and user-admin communication system with a lot of features. We had a lot of work to do and we did not have a chance for even a small mistake.

Custom illustrations
Email templates
> 550 h
Design and frontend
> 90 d
Project time


There was really lots of work. As we cannot afford mistakes on the project, we decided to take the time for in-house analysis. Otherwise, the client would lose their customers, and we would lose our reputation. We decided to go with a classic scheme: wireframes – moodboard – concept – UI design and illustrations – frontend development – release.
As the client had enough time before the release, we had the ability to focus on quality.


Fortunately, the client was aware that wireframes are essential for this project. In other case, it would be a mess. So we focused on UX during first months of work.

The main problem was that the client wanted us to create the complicated product builder as well as complicated studio review module with user view and admin view. Each one is, in fact, a separate project.

The other challenge was to build the mobile version of a whole website and its separate modules.
Given the small size of of mobile screens, there was too many interaction elements to place.

So we offered various UX solutions while doing A/B testing together with client’s team until the design become ideal.



After completing UX part, we prepared the moodboard and concept according to client’s requirements, branding colors, and website’s niche.
We pick blue, white, and light grey color scheme.



It was very hard to make minimalist design due to a great number of interaction elements. We did our best to implement the modern trends and meet all client’s needs for this project.


As mentioned, our task was to take care of frontend development. There was no need to use JS frameworks. So we decided to make regular HTML markup.

The new version of Bootstrap 4.x just has been released. It was already stable and after consultations with the client we decided to go with it. Moreover, it had several new features that were extremely useful for this project, allowing to save time and budget.

During the development process, we focused on the website’s compatibility with all modern browsers, screen resolutions and devices. We did a lot of QA to make sure that it looks good on all possible devices and compatible with the other software systems.


We will never forget this project as it was a level-up for our UX skills. For our team, it was truly the most complicated UX project we have had at that time.

But of course the most important thing is that Entripy team left absolutely satisfied with our work.