New era of blockchain


The goal

Chromapolis is a platform for making and running decentralized applications that are initially focused on blockchain-based decentralized games.

The client requested a perfectly – designed landing page and frontend development.


The main challenge was to reflect in design that Chromapolis is a general-purpose platform, which can also be used for games. These two parts should be emphasized while reinforcing each other.

The client has provided only the basic content. All ideas and creativity in terms of design was up to our team. .

3 h
Inception phase
> 50 h
> 30 h
3 h
Management and QA
13 d
Project time


We offered to create clean, minimalist style landing page with custom graphics and illustrations.

After brainstorming with the client, another idea was born – to use different color themes for day and night visitors.


There was no need for wireframes. The structure of the page was absolutely clear from the start. We did not want to waste the client’s budget, so we decided to skip this stage.


Once again, we used our regular flow: Moodboard – Desktop page – responsive (mobile) page.

The client provided a logo. Our task was to pick up colors and overall style so it harmonizes with this logo as well as the landing page’s niche.


Our designers prepared two themes for day and night and two packs of illustrations. The main illustration contains the combination of all project’s ideas – blockchain, IT, games.



We provided frontend development for this project.
We used Bootstrap framework and added some animation with the feature of changing theme color by day and night time.


It was a small yet interesting project as the client was opened to any ideas and creativity.
Our UI/UX and graphic designers did their best to meet the clients’ expectations.