Bon Appétit!


The goal

The client approached us with the task of redesigning website. The site was live but its design was obsolete from the start.
So they asked our team to save the day.


From the beginning, we realized that the website needs a full redesign and improved UX. As usual, our main challenge in this project was race with time as the client wanted to release the project ASAP.

> 20
> 180 h
24 d
Project time


During the inception phase, we agreed with the client that we will not change current color scheme, leaving it as it was. The client really liked it. Indeed, orange, white, and black is a pretty good color selection.
However, they wanted to have the rest design solutions reconsidered and redesigned.


We insisted that wireframes are essential in this case. We strongly believe that wireframes is a must for complicated e-commerce as well as all marketplace projects. Often the clients refuse to design wireframes considering them as a useless waste of money. However, this is not true. Creating wireframes reduces the time it takes to create UI design in the future as well as to avoid many other UX issues.

Unfortunately, the client refused to create wireframes for this project. This was not the best idea for us. Fortunately, we had old design, which we used as a basis. It helped us a lot.



Clean. Minimalist. Eye-catching. 
These were three words characterizing the design of Chefmate.

We decided not to change the current artwork and custom graphics and focus on UI/UX design.

As we finished desktop and mobile versions and were ready to release the design, the client suddenly required the tablet version in addition to the previous two versions. As a result, two our best designers worked simultaneously for several days to win this race with time.



The client did not require for any development from us, neither frontend, not backend. They had their own team.
Well, no problem. Usual things.


Finally, Chefmate project has been turned into a beautiful modern website. The UI design got a lot of enhancements. The UX has become more user-friendly.

We believe that the project was given a new breath with our improved UI/UX design. Good luck Сhefmate! We thank you for interesting project and new exciting experience.