Social in sport!


The goal

The client approached us with a task to design and develop Athlete CRUSH Mobile Application software.

The app serves as an athlete-specific, user-generated social media platform. It allows athletes to brand themselves via text, pictures, video, and music; highlight their sponsors; showcase their charitable efforts; and monetize their brands via a fully automated store in perspective. The application enables fans to discover and support new athletes as they emerge and support the social causes, community issues, and charities of their favorite athletes. It also includes integration with other social networks. In addition, there is a management web-interface to control app users and content that they post.

The task was to design and develop MVP version of iOS application and backend. If it wins the market, the next step would be the development of an Android app. It was the wise solution.

The client provided the initial SRS (perfect!). The rest was in our team’s hands.


The project was really complicated both in terms of design and development. Despite the presence of SRS, we had to check entire website’s logic before we get started with the project.

Its size was really huge. So we had to divide it into sprints and merge all team members in the way so they could work simultaneously.

> 150 h
Mobile UI design
> 550 h
iOS development
> 400 h
Backend development
> 100 d
Project time


The proper management is the key to any successful project. The team of involved professionals consisted of:

  • 2 UI/UX designers
  • 2 iOS developers
  • 1 Backend developer
  • 1 Project manager
  • 1 QA engineer

We were really excited to work on such interesting project.
Who knows, maybe we were developing a new Facebook.


The SRS consisted of ready wireframes, users stories, and screens explanation. Great! All we had to do was to recheck the logic.

As it was not ideal, we offered some fresh solutions and changed user flow a little bit.


The client already had some ideas on UI.
However,we prepared the moodboard with several color schemes, fonts selections, and styles as usual. Also, we offered several concepts, and the third one was approved. So the rest part of the project was designed according to it.

We decided not to reinvent the bicycle by using something unusual and risky. That is why we chose old trusted pal – minimalist design with lot of white color.

All icons were custom drawn.

In the end, we got clean, user-friendly, and modern mobile app design.


For this project we proposed to use the following tech stack:

iOS:                                Swift

Android:                       Kotlin

Frontend:                     HTML/CSS (Bootstrap UI kit)

Back-end:                    PHP 7x, YII2 framework

API:                               REST, json

Server:                         Apache MPM-Prefork, Nginx

The development went smoothly due to proper management and good acceptance criterias.

The problem has arised only after the release of the new version of iOS containing several updates to the libraries. In order to fix it, we made partial code refactoring.  


Finally, the client received a great high-quality mobile app. What we got was priceless experience of building an app and social network.

We hope that AthleteCrush will win the market to make its investors and users happy. Good luck, guys!