Mobile Marketing Trends to Reach The Millennials

The millennial generation is criticized for many things like being too childish, refusing to grow up, and take responsibilities. It is believed that these people are too obsessed with instant gratification, and that is why they are likely to turn their living spaces into playrooms. Millennials never seem to reach maturity. Anyway, most of Millennials are already in their twenties and thirties. People born in 80th and 90th are all grown up now, flooding all levels of the labor force, and engaging with their mobile devices much more than the other age groups. Besides, studies show that about 86% of Millennials are smartphone owners. Many of them have already become mobile addicts. So “mobile generation” is not just a stupid cliche, it is a reality. This means that not to market directly to these people would be a huge missed opportunity. In this posting, we will talk about building mobile design, marketing and advertising for millennials to capture their attention and reach them more effectively.


Why to Get Started With Marketing Toward Millennials

These people are the largest demographic in the U.S. and the world’s most powerful consumer group that will soon surpass the Baby Boom generation. By 2025, Millennials are expected to hold a collective purchasing power of almost $25 trillion. Most of them are active mobile users who have actually grown up in the digital era. Naturally, these people are buried deep inside their tablets and smartphones! That is why it is crucial for every California, New York, Atlanta, Seattle design studio to factor them into its UI/UX design and marketing strategy for 2019.

Trends in Millennial Mobile Marketing

What is the best way to advertise to an audience that sometimes cannot even remember what a pager is? Below we have gathered some of the best approaches to get started with marketing for Millennials:

  • Disruptive visual strategy attracts attention

Millennials are always distracted by both digital and non-digital factors, and that is why many businesses have a hard time breaking through. When it comes to focusing their attention, words are not enough. What you need is a hook. From this perspective, visual disruption is what will help you gain traction and create buzz.

  • User and community-generated experiences

Millennials are calling for authenticity and transparency, they want to be heard. These people must always have a feeling that you care about them. This means that a successful marketing for Millennials is impossible without interacting with them on a personal level. So build a personal and authentic mobile design, encourage your audience to share images, and create more stories.

  • Consider using AI

Businesses targeting Millennials are considering Artificial Intelligence more and more. You need to be as creative as possible when implementing your mobile ideas. For example, you may want to use augmented reality (AR) to tell your story.

  • Integrate offline and online interactions

In order to better reach Millenials, businesses should minimize the gap between offline and online experiences.This could be done, for example, through marketing strategies promoting O2O customer experiences.

  • Try geo-conquesting

Going hyperlocal can poach clients. This appears to be effective when used alongside common location-based ads. For example, you can take advantage of the built-in location-sharing features.


  • Be authentic

Any authenticity-obsessed millennial will sour on your company forever if he or she perceives your message as spam. Make the promotion exclusive, keep the correspondence straight to the point and brief.

  • Make it easy to purchase

Millennials prefer mobile experiences believing that their smartphones will serve up the same functionality as a desktop. So it is crucial that you make the purchasing experience convenient for mobile. Your outstanding design must make it easy for them to perform an impulse buy.

  • It’s all about images

Try making your company a part of your target audience’s Instagram feed. Spread their images with your hashtag, and they will help your business shine.

  • Experiment with authenticity

Consider building content that gives a brief behind-the-scenes view of your company. It is perceived as authentic and natural move.

  • Go live

Millennials seek to connect with businesses via social media, expecting to get a quick reply to their requests. So help them interact with you. Live streaming in social media platforms can add urgency to your interactions and make them interesting for your auditory.

  • Make sure you are mobile friendly

Long gone are the days when people would tolerate poor experiences from mobile. Nowadays, you must be 100% mobile friendly! All of your digital content, your landing pages, website, and app must be ready for mobile users. We have already talked about responsive and adaptive design in one of our previous articles.



When creating a market strategy to target Millennials, you need to put yourself in their shoes. These people live in smartphones. They interact with their mobile devices more than anyone or anything else. At the same time, all they want is authenticity. Millennials hate polish. At Loonar Studios, we know how to take advantage of trends in millennial mobile marketing. We are a professional design studio capable of providing high-quality mobile design services to make your design genuine, unique, and valuable. Contact us to get a free quote. Good luck!