Luxury Website Design

Luxurious website design is always handiwork since a premium product requires premium website. At the same time, it is not so easy to answer the question what is a premium site. This may be a challenge for both web development agencies and business owners. The thing is that you’ll never sell something that is not original to luxury customer. Even the minorest note of falsehood while browsing your website will turn this person away. So how to build a website for a luxury business? It is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance. In this article, we will try to determine some basic features, which a luxury site should possess.  

What is VIP Website?

  • Outstanding design. Luxury companies always invest in authenticity The official site for elite products should be authentic to the extent no competitor can even come close
  • 100% excellence and responsiveness. Everything should work smoothly on all platforms and at all times
  • Usually, luxury brands have only one product/service. However, it is as shiny as the Sun on a screen
  • VIP resemblance. Elite products/services have no cheap alternative, they are not available elsewhere. This fact should be also reflected in VIP website design


Target Audience

The first thing to be aware of is a relatively limited pool of customers. VIP business clients may amount to only tens, or hundreds. Within that auditory, many deals are based on recommendations as communication is playing a significant role. Therefore, personal approach is crucial for every luxury company. Premium customers have luxury sense. They will easily discern luxury from the mediocre.These people will know if a site is worth $10,000 or $100,000. From this perspective, the luxury customers are very demanding. Their most obvious trait is high expectations.These people will never come back to a poorly provided service. Such kind of customers never excuse flaws. Imagine, you pay $50 per day at the hostel. So, if there is a speck of dust, it will not spoil overall impression. However, if you pay $1500 and something is out of order, you will not return to this service next time.  

Criteria of Luxury Websites

A VIP website is not a traditional sales platform; it is a showcase which do not have to convince the customers to make a purchase. In contrast, it has to assure them that the product is within their league. Some goods are only available to premium customers. For instance, Rohrbacher. When portraying such products online, it may not be a great idea to cling to them as they don’t need to be sold from the traditional standpoint. This is due to the fact that general marketing principles and laws don’t fully apply to these premium items. They present a status of their buyers. There are several major categories of luxury products/services:

  • Innovation and fusion. These are products/services based on newly developed technologies/techniques, which are too expensive and thus unavailable to the mass consumers
  • Trendsetting and trending. Products/services that aim to create the trend for less luxury customers
  • Status indicators. Products/services associated with social status

As we can see, VIP goods do not rely on actual value. Usually, they rely on added visual value. Luxury customers pay extra money for exclusivity. That is why this exclusivity should emanate from the screens of their devices when they’re browsing through a luxury business website. You might also like these:


Creating a Luxury Website

A timeframe for VIP website development is usually not less than several months. In one of our previous articles, we mentioned that it is crucial for web developers to perceive their customers, and figure out what is best for them. With luxury customers, this statement is even more true. With VIP website design, less than perfect is not an option. Luxury businesses pay for the result; they do not pay for hours. In this case, a customer is the only source of inspiration. So, in order to create something special for him/her, a professional web design agency has to start with his/her personality. Web designers should meet their customer often, discuss every his/her idea, and listen to him/her closely. They should devote as much time as possible to the customer forgetting about standard process and templates. If a concept doesn’t work for a customer, a designer should be ready to start over from scratch. When your site comes with the cutting edge web design, that is premium. When it is made specifically for your business, that is also premium. Contact us to experience the benefits of premium website design for less than you may think.