Integrating Social Media Into Mobile Web Design

Mobile app development has caused mobile technology to evolve. What once were simple communication devices are now turned into one of the most powerful instruments to manage daily operations. Today, our life depends on applications and smartphones. The more individuals get access to mobile devices, the more applications appear, and the more demand rises.

Today, mobile design agencies have a hard time looking for creative ideas to successfully maintain relevance in the industry. One possible solution is to include social media into mobile application development. But how the elements of social media weaved into web design can improve engagement rates? How a website or PWA can benefit from it? How a PWA or website can benefit from it? In this posting, we will shed light on the advantages of integrating social media into your mobile web design.


Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research Methods. What’s the Difference?

Probably, there is no need to explain what are social media. This is a chain of online communication platforms/channels used to interact and collaborate. Driven by visuals, they allow building community-focused interactions to keep your audience informed of your latest news and products. Social media provide the ability to share content in a more proficient, effective, and fast way. They convey ideas and transform our way of life.

So That’s It?

Today, numerous top web design agencies consider integration with social networks as a part of their application development process, refocusing the interaction with users. They are becoming one of the primary instruments for customer care, marketing, and customer relation. Why is that, you might ask? Because social media have proven results to demonstrate. Below we have collected some of the most obvious benefits of integrating social media into web design:

  • Cost-effectiveness

Integrating social media into your design costs you almost nothing as compared to other features. This simply helps you save your money. 

  • Higher conversion rates

Social media enhance your online visibility and improve the conversion rates of your app. Furthermore, adding them into your application development allows you to personify and humanize your brand. 

  • The large pool of potential users

Billions of people across the globe use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. And now think of them as potential users of your app. Social media are what can help you reach these people with ease. 

  • Improved client satisfaction

Social media allow communicating with people via multiple channels. Create a strong voice for your application to drive client satisfaction and enhance the publicity of your product. 

  • Increased brand awareness

Building a high-quality app with great features does not yet guarantee its success on the market. This is because any app is doomed to fail without the right auditory; it needs the right focus. Social media can help you create awareness by increasing your app recognition and visibility.

  • Connectivity

Social media allow you to bridge with your potential users. Location or time zone is no longer a barrier for your business as you can connect your customers seamlessly from any place in the world.


How to Maximize Your Social Media

  • Use filters to tell stories

Do not hang up on creating your mobile site with a single color solution. Instead, consider using colors and filters to tell a unique and strong story that is impossible using words alone.

  • Embrace the selfies

For companies with a team of the recognizable figure behind them, a selfie could be an ideal way to increase visitors’ engagement with a site. Just ensure it portrays a person positively.

  • Make a meme-like brand image

Using social media means more than just pairing a well-written post with an engaging picture. The consistency is also matters in this case. Turning brands into memes is a great way to build a cohesive identity.

  • Use memorable images

Feeds are already overloaded with posts from individuals we are connected to. That is why it is crucial to come up with a single yet strong image that makes you stand out from the rest.

  • Add trust marks 

Trust marks are used to let people know when a website is safe to make a purchase through or simply engage with. However, you should find a way to make them as small as possible, reinforcing trust throughout the online experience.

  • Boost your brand with handles and hashtags 

Handles and hashtags have long become an integral part of online communication. That is why we recommend you to integrate branded handles and hashtags within your design. 

  • Use a notification symbol to direct users 

A notification icon is a great way to grab your visitors’ attention fast. But remember, it should have nothing to do with alerting visitors to account activity. Instead, it should only draw their eyes to the navigation before anything else.



Key Takeaways

To sum up, applications, PWAs, and websites provide not enough space to engage an audience by telling a story. Social media in app development serve the purpose of fixing this issue. Social media-inspired design is what can help you get your message across all screens. At Loonar Studios, we understand the importance of telling a story through mobile web design. We know numerous ways to design for mobile without overwhelming the UX or stifling the creativity. Interested? Contact us right now!