How To Optimize Your Landing Pages?

Improving usability of landing pages and optimizing them is one of the important areas that marketing specialists have been interested in since the very launch of a website. After you did all the job to pull people in, a high-quality landing page should do its job by converting leads, instead of letting them leave your website without contributing with it in any useful way. In order to obtain maximum conversion, it should be concise yet informative, without annoying invasiveness. So in this article, we’ve decided to talk about ways how to improve usability of your landing pages to make them stand out. Read also: Trends In UX Design

Improving Usability of Landing Pages

  • Positioning matters

Planning of what goes where and how it should interact with other elements is often a bit tricky task. So try keeping all relevant data above the fold, requiring users to scroll before they can get to it. This will make them stay on course while keeping their eyes on the important information.

  • Exercise moderation

Whatever your landing page might be offering, do not overload it with too many videos, images, or outbound links that raise load times and kill its appeal. Make sure it is not difficult for your visitors to find what they are looking for.

  • Bold your buttons

In today’s fast-paced environment, people are likely to lose interest quickly. This fact makes every second count. So your auditory should see the conversion button right off the moment they land on your webpage. It is also a good idea to display it like a really big button. In addition, too many share buttons can clutter your landing page. So we recommend using only few of them.

  • Be convincing

The only task your landing pages should perform is to convince your users to make the next step. That is why they should contain a strong call-to-action with hook “right-to-the-point” words like “discount” or “free,” pointing leads to the conversion button.

  • Use media

Media worth a billion words. There is so much data you can cram into one small picture without being overwhelming or intrusive to users. Ads are more effective when you add a bit of symbolism to them with colors conveying feelings of home, warmth, and safety. Do not forget about videos, they do a great job tying your leads, and provoking an emotional response.

  • Ensure your users feel safe

Utilize positive feedback and stickers on your landing page. This helps build trust with new leads while making them feel safe, and affecting their attitude toward whatever you are presenting to them.

  • Come up with a clever headline

Make your headline as human as possible.This will tie into the psychology of people coming over to the website. Words such as “optimal” or “instant” have lots of weight. So highlight them to close the deal faster.

  • Wording makes a difference

Grammar is the first thing people see when reading any website. A good grammar is what makes your landing page look wholesome and professional. Remember, grammar is the glue!

  • Align your page with your ads

Your landing page should follow its suit. Make sure it agrees with all of your advertisements. Being taken to information that is not related to the topic can turn off many users and decrease their chances of getting converted. Read also: How To Build a Mobile Application?

How To Optimize Your Landing Page?

  • Make boring things fun

By adding a bit of fun the most unexpected places, you can turn a casual interaction into something truly memorable. So try introducing playful elements into daily web experiences.

  • Create a narrative

Every design is a story. Each time you build it, you tell a story to your users. From this perspective, animation is what can perfectly bring your content to life by telling an engaging story. Moments of change is a perfect place to add it. This will help people understand how the new context is related to the previous one.

  • Provide feedback

Computer-human interaction is based on input and response. Thus, all interactive objects on your landing page should react to input with appropriate audio or visual response. Read also: Microinteractions in Design


A landing page is a reflection of service you offer. That is exactly why it cannot stay stagnant. It is your job to turn all of your landing pages into viewer magnets, and a memorable, carefully choreographed experience. Animation is one of the most effective elements that can help you make them more usable and appealing. And as always feel free to contact us if you have any questions.