How to Keep a Website Up To Date?

As a business leader, you know that hiring a reputable web development company to create a website is a crucial part of your marketing strategy. A site is a key strategic piece and tool that attracts prospects, converts them into customers, and engages them as promoters. It is a major instrument that should accomplish your business goals responsible for maintaining and driving your company. There are intangible things like faith, friendship, and love that are able to pass the test of time. However, everything tangible (including your website) should be updated and repaired. Therefore, no matter how amazing your site is, it will not last forever.  

Why Keep Your Website Up To Date?

Generally, 12 human month’s equal to 4 Web years. So the fact is that the average lifespan of a website should be about 2 or 3 years. However, new instruments flood the market everyday. Given the quick pace of innovations and the number of changes, the lifespan has fallen to 12 months. This fact provides the ability to fully understand the accelerated progress of web solutions and mobile apps. In other words, your yesterday’s new shiny site is already irrelevant. Currently, a website is an evolving, living creation, which is not meant to be created — it is meant to be developed and then maintained properly. In this article, will help you understand how to keep a website up to date.  

Keeping a Website Relevant

There is no evergreen website in the world. A website should be created on a strong foundation, which is essential to make it better in time and elaborate on it. Generally, there are several must-have components that should be present in every modern site:

  • Communication

Finding new clients is much more expensive than maintaining an existing base. In order to remain successful, your business needs constant feedback from your customers. Your site is an ally in making it possible. Customer retention increases when your site includes interactive elements and contact forms.

  • Shareable content

Shareable content complements multi-device and responsive websites. People who prefer to use their smartphones to access the Web are also likely to share the information to their social media profiles. Each time when you let your customers become influencers of your services and products, you strengthen your marketing strategy. This is exactly why your site should provide the ability to share the experience your company delivered. Social media buttons converts your visitors into promoters of your business.

  • Multi-device design

Responsiveness is a crucial web design approach that  brings an optimal user and viewing experience, and makes your content available on every device. Each year, people are relying more on tablets and smartphones to get the information they need online. Recently, mobile devices have become the leaders in delivering Web experiences. That is exactly why your site should be adapted to provide equal access through various devices and respond to different viewports. It should be readable not only in laptops and desktops, but also in tablets and smartphones. Responsive websites cover the increasing number of mobile users, which facilitates your mobile active customers to easily navigate your site, and increases the chances of new customers to find you.

  • Attractive and unique web design

Do not underestimate the power of perception. Aesthetics is the funnel that provides the ability for prospects to go deeper. A site that fails to build a great impression on visitors make them think that your business is incapable and unprofessional. The studies show that the majority of visitors leave such websites after having spent just 10 seconds browsing them. If prospective customers enter your website and see a poor interface, they will close the window within seconds. Furthermore, they will then go checking out your competitors. So, apart from being reliable and functional, your website should instill trust, knowledge, and creativity through high-quality web design. See the mobile app design trends that were hot during 2017 and will remain relevant in 2018.

  • Up to date content

An irrelevant website can be compared to a dirty showcase — people will always keep away from it. When it comes to maintaining your site’s relevance, keeping fresh content is just as important as an innovative design or top-notch features. Your content is responsible for persuading your customers to purchase your products or delivering your message. If constructed skillfully, content will guide your customers within your site and provide the map with effective calls-to-action so they know what to do. In addition, constantly renewed content improves your site’s position in search engines. It allows to position yourself as an expert in your field, share key information with your customers, and helps attract more inbound links to spread the voice about your company across the Internet.  

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Is That All?

No, it isn’t. There are several side actions you can make.

  • Maintain a good relationship with your web design studio. Remember, similar beliefs and culture, mutual understanding, and shared values generate a long lasting association. In order to permanently deliver results over time, your website will need upgrades. That is exactly why it is recommended to maintain a strong relationship with a web design company you are working with.
  • Keep an eye on the competitors. Take the time to visit the websites of your competitors (see rankings in web searches). Compare yourself with them to find out what new features they have added. It will help you revamp and modify your SEO.

To sum up, all people are drawn to experiences and stories. From this perspective, your website works as the tool that speaks to their emotions and desires. It is the reflection of your beliefs, vision, and culture that works to reinforce, and maintain your company’s goals. There are several elements that, if combined, allow to achieve these results: reliable and upgraded technology, and attractive web design. However, they are useless without the relevant content. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.