How to Increase Your Ecommerce Sales With Mobile Design

Many ecommerce shop owners desperately look for ways to increase sales, boost traffic, and establish their shop as an authority in the industry. This can be achieved by improving the UX design, increasing a website’s loading speed, creating a refined portfolio, building a social media presence, and targeting the right auditory. Indeed, staying competitive in the field of ecommerce is a challenge.

Although all efforts mentioned above are likely to have an impact on your conversions and traffic, they may not be enough to increase ecommerce sales in 2019. The thing is that the world goes increasingly mobile. The statistics says that mobile ecommerce sales are expected to account for almost 73% of total ecommerce sales worldwide. This means that you must give special attention to shoppers who visit your website from their tablets and smartphones. In this posting, we will discuss some of the most relevant and effective tips to boost your ecommerce sales in 2019.


Effectively catering to the needs of mobile users is vital to an ecommerce business. Below we have collected some of the most relevant tips to tweak your mobile design and increase your ecommerce sales. Let’s get started with them:

Properly Design Your Shopping Cart Page

A shopping cart page is probably one of the most often overlooked aspects of mobile design. Here are some of the recommendations on how to design it:

  • Clearly display the shipment and payment sections; make them understandable and easy to edit
  • Make sure that the users are able to view all the essential product details right before the checkout
  • Notify the users when a product is added to the cart; display the total number of products added

Use Hamburger Menus

This type of menus is neat, tidy, and simplified. Besides, it looks good and causes absolutely no confusion among the buying public, leaving no room for errors. Hamburger menus are a must-have element of a high-quality responsive design.

No Pinch-Zooming

Modern mobile design is all about right proportions that are often ruined by pinch-zooming. Pick up all of your fonts properly and make them readable so that your users won’t need to zoom in.


Utilize The Three-Tap Concept

In order to boost your ecommerce sales, your UX design should be all about simplicity. The three-tap concept states that after landing on your site, a user should not do more than three taps to reach your products. For example: 

  1. A person lands on your homepage and can select a certain product category
  2. He or she picks a subcategory to search for a specific product
  3. He or she gets to your product page

Implement Smart Search

Too complex search on mobile devices can cause nothing but frustration and headache. The smart search function is exactly what can effectively increase your ecommerce sales by improving the UX design. For example, as a user starts typing the word, the search bar automatically shows search options to select from, saving his or her time.

Mind the Thumb Action

Place all your scrollable and essential elements within the reach of the thumb. Avoid to create tiny clickable links.
Tip: make all the important elements visible and easy to find.

High-Quality Images

It is difficult to overestimate the role of high-quality imagery for your ecommerce shop. Images are a key driver of retention, conversion, and user engagement. They are what speaks to your customers, so we recommend you to make them flawless.

Do Not Distract Users

You cannot afford any distractions throughout the customer journey. Their path must be clear and expressly defined. Do not overburden your customers with additional information and excessive steps on his or her way to buying your product (See the three-tap concept above).

Try to Be Brief

Smartphone users are spending about 5 minutes browsing ecommerce websites. This means that you have a very limited time for triggering a positive purchasing decision. Simplicity is what can help you here. Your products should be displayed in a non-intrusive and concise way.


Key Takeaways

The tips above will help you properly boost your ecommerce sales. Ensuring that your site is perfectly recognized by search engines, and taking advantage of content marketing and social media lead to a significant improvement in this field. Remember: the better the UX, the higher your sales success! So be in constant touch with your auditory. Also, consider creating a standalone mobile app as it will allow your users to better discover your business. Interested? Contact us right now to find out more!