How to Get Started With Ecommerce

Online ecommerce is a booming business. Today, we can see lots of ecommerce companies struggling to get traction. However, creating an online retail business means a bit more than selling products online, preparing product listings, and picking a fancy brand name. Even the greatest ecommerce ideas flop if you are not attracting enough traffic to your website.

Online retail is a challenging area. Not because it is too complex, but ‘cause there is so much controversial data out there. Besides, it is difficult to know when and what to do in the first place. Of course, there are many agencies that can help you get started with ecommerce, but that can get really expensive. Throwing your laptop at the wall seems like an ideal idea to you, huh? But before you do that, finish reading this article. As below we have gathered some of the basics to help get you started with an ecommerce business that will save you lots of headaches, money, time, and get you off to a powerful start on your online retail journey.

How To Start Selling Online

  • Study The Basics Of Ecommerce 

Starting any business is always an investment. So treat it as such. Before deciding on what to sell online, you should first become familiar with the ecommerce business revenue models and select the one that fits you best. Five types of ecommerce models are as follows:

  1. Subscription 
  2. White labeling
  3. Manufacturing and private labeling 
  4. Warehousing and wholesaling 
  5. Dropshipping 

The choice you will make impacts your business structure, so choose carefully. 

  • Pick Your Ecommerce Niche 

Now that you have picked your ecommerce business model, it is time to begin ecommerce niche research. Niche-ing is the most crucial step in creating your online store. Ensure that the niche of your choice is competitive, but do not pick too overcrowded area.

  • Select a Product and Personas

Once you have settled with your niche, it is time to identify your target audience as well as the image you want to project. In order to project a consistent brand image, first answer yourself the following questions:

  1. Who are your ideal clients? 
  2. What does your store represent?
  3. Will the persona of your shop match the expectation of your target audience? How do you expect it to do that?

Once finished, you are ready to get started with product ideas. Begin with a headline that can clearly communicate the value of your product.


  • Establish your brand

At this stage, you should create a brand that connects with your audience. For example, you might want to avoid teenage visuals and colors if you are selling products to corporate businessmen. There are several basic steps you will need to take before setting up your online shop.

  1. Register your company and choose a business name. 
  2. Select the name for your store and make sure that it fits your business niche.
  3. Find a reliable web development agency that will build an ecommerce website for you. Think scalable from the beginning and pick the right vendor.
  4. Get visuals. Start with creating a logo. It does not need to be terribly original. However, your logo design must reflect your business image. Then, consider the imagery and the colors of your brand. Throw in several bullet points that highlight the benefits of your product and three to five visuals that give your product context.

Tip: When first getting started with ecommerce, keep your your cost low and website design simple.


  • Pick an ecommerce platform

There are many ecommerce options available out there. You can go with Wix, Shopify, or BigCommerce. We have already discussed these ecommerce solutions in one of our previous postings. The most important thing is to carefully evaluate each platform’s SEO features, compatibility with payment gateways, loading speed, and compatibility with your business structure. 

  • Start marketing your shop to attract customers 

You may want to use pay-per-click ads, social media, sponsored content, or a combination of several approaches to start driving traffic to your online shop. Also, there are many instruments that can help you optimize and monitor every phase of the sales process. Make use of them.

Finally, if you did your homework properly, if would not be too difficult for you to start offering something worth buying, and share it with the auditory that could use it most.


Ready To Launch Your Ecommerce Business?

Running a profitable ecommerce site does not have to be too costly or challenging. However, when it gets really tough, just remember that if it was simple to become a billionaire, everyone would be one. At Loonar Studios, we have spent years helping business owners launch profitable online stores. And their success is important to us as it is a perfect measure of our own success. 

We really hope that you enjoyed the ecommerce insights we have shared in this article. Did it answer your questions about creating an ecommerce shop? If we missed anything you would like to see discussed, please let us know.