How to Create a Top-Notch Web Design Team?

Finding a good web designer is not a problem. Many educational organizations produce thousands of young designers each year, not to mention digital artists and home-grown freelancers. Hiring the best ones from this broad field of design/art talents is the first step to success. But when you find them, the next question is how to mold them into an effective team. Making an outstanding web design team is not easy. Usually, it takes much efforts to select the right people, inspire them, and build team culture. In this article, we will give you some advice on how to create an award-winning web design team.


You’ll never experience a lack of applications. However, you would be surprised how few of them will meet your criteria. When it comes to design, tastes are subjective. At the same time, good designers are ones that maintain a perfect balance between the customer’s needs and creativeness. In other words, any amazing web design is only considered such if it meets the customer’s requirements. Remember: creativity should sell! There are several important criteria to look for in your designers:

  • Creativeness. At first glance, the majority of projects seem boring. However, the core of a web design company’s task is to turn them into attractive. Therefore, good designers accept the task and draw inspiration from it; they do not need to be inspired.
  • Skills. It is always relatively easy to draw a concept. The difficult part is to “join the dots.” In other words, it is not enough to generate new ideas. Designers should be able to refresh/finalize an existing artwork.
  • Flexibility. If the circumstances demand it, designers should be ready to reshape or alter the project completely.

Any design artwork can tell you little about the individual who created it. Therefore, we recommend you to focus on personality at the live interview. The talent and knowledge are impeccable, but do not be afraid to let go off people that you feel uncomfortable with – this will save your time in the long run. It will most definitely not work out.  

2.Making a Distinction Between Craftsmen and Artists

Today’s web design industry is half skill and half inspiration. Executors get you the end result, while artistic talents keep the flow going. So the most important thing here is to separate executors from creative minds, while creating a place where they can harmonically coexist. If you are to complete a multi-page project, you cannot rely on creative mind alone. The best proportion is 3:1, many follow-uppers and few idea generators.  


Manage people, not projects. Encourage endless improvement and learning. Preach the idea that only hard work drives success. Act as a mentor who provides creativity and inspiration. At the same time, give critique regularly as it is a great instrument for self-improvement and, hence, an instrument for building your professional web design team. Never stop learning even if you are a guru of web design. Otherwise, your team will not follow you. Finally, be an authority. Show what you can do, however, never do the job for anyone.  

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4.Building a Team

Usually, it takes nearly a year of selection/hiring and team building until your team will start to show both efficiency and creativity. Here are some basics of a successful web design team building:

  • Create a friendly environment to ensure the work process is effectively implemented. Do not shadow your team’s sense of accomplishment by a pressing deadline.
  • Consider the power of parting ways. Do not be afraid to say goodbye to individuals who do not fit in.
  • Create a well-balanced workload. You should select relevant tasks for everyone knowing exactly what each of your designers is capable of.
  • No mercy for the newcomers. Keeping up the tempo will help them integrate into the team faster.


5.Develop a Team Culture

A high-quality web design is not an innate ability. It takes efforts and time to become a professional. From this perspective, it is crucial that you develop and encourage a teamwork culture. Encourage communication by holding briefings and round tables often. Create a culture where members aren’t afraid of sharing their opinions/ideas even if they are different from yours. Competition kills the team spirit as a good team is one where each team member supports the other. So encourage your designers to share blunders, experience, and knowledge with the rest. This will provide them with the ability to learn from each other. Creating a top-notch web design team is like creating a piece of art. Cuts and flaws are inevitable, however, they will not be visible on the final form. Managing different approaches and experimenting with people require lots of efforts. But it will build a successful team of designers in accordance with your business goals. Let us know if we can be of any assistance.