How to choose cloud solutions for web and app development?

Currently, the demand for cloud-based services tends to increase at a quick pace. More and more United States development companies are deciding to create custom cloud-based apps or move their databases to the cloud. Indeed, cloud computing provides a great deal of useful infrastructure and resources necessary to maintain, deploy, and build web and mobile apps. Furthermore, there are many other ways how US IT companies can benefit from cloud adoption. In this article, we decided to introduce you the advantages of cloud solutions for web and app development, and inform you of how to choose them. Read also:THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT SAAS

Why are cloud-based solutions becoming popular?

  1. Availability of instruments

The specifics of web and mobile design and development in the cloud require time and efforts. Fortunately, there is plenty of tools available for optimization,  infrastructure management, and architecture that can be helpful in solving issues regarding cloud computing.

  1. A broad range of cloud service providers

You can easily find a service to fit your budget and satisfy needs that will help you in building, deploying, and testing your app.

  1. Time-efficient mobile app development

Currently, all apps must work smoothly on all devices. However, with an increasing number of devices, the mobile app development is getting more and more complicated. That is why many US IT companies opt for creating cloud-based apps that are capable of providing the same web experience on various screen resolutions and sizes.

  1. Regular updates

With cloud-based platforms, you do not have to maintain the whole system anymore! Cloud-based solutions are regularly updated to stay current within a rapidly evolving technology market, and allow to access cutting-edge hardware and software.

  1. Recovery option

With cloud-based platforms, you will not have to manually back up everything used for your web app development. Cloud-based apps enable data backup by creating multiple copies. This lowers the risks of losing a valuable data.

  1. Cost saving

With cloud-based platforms, there is no need to invest a fortune in purchasing and maintaining an additional hardware. All you need is already in the cloud!



Types of cloud platforms

  • SaaS, or Software as a Service, is a pretty good solution for temporary collaboration and short-term projects, when a business needs an app, but there are not enough resources to fund everything needed.
  • PaaS, or Platform as a Service, comes with a ready-made tools for creating applications. It provides all tools necessary for developing and testing of an app, and instruments for configuring database systems, OS, and hardware.
  • IaaS, or Infrastructure as a Service, provides the ability to get the scalability, full control of infrastructure, and precise customization. It allows to access all crucial resources, such as servers, networks, and storage.


Five Important Benefits of Cloud Solutions

There are numerous reasons why to consider cloud-based web and app development:

  1. On-demand scalability. Cloud-based apps allow scaling up and down the cloud capacities, providing the ability to save software and hardware resources.
  2. Cloud-based solutions allow to accurately measure provided services
  3. Cloud platforms can be easily accessible from anywhere.
  4. Cloud-based services are stick to GDPR standards. This means that their data security is guaranteed.
  5. Cloud-based services provide fast and efficient web app development and deployment as you do not need to search and install everything needed to build an application. This allows you to save lots of time and resources!



Core aspects to consider before creating a cloud-based app

  • Pricing. Make sure you are aware of all special offers and discounts
  • Integration with on-site applications. This may turn to be a challenge. However, it can be overcome by utilizing APIs of your provider.
  • Data security. Make sure your data is safe from leaks and fraud.
  • Enhanced training. If you are new to the field of cloud solutions for web and app development, you must be ready to get some additional training in command line tools, SQL, and XML.
  • Update policy. Make sure that your platform provides the best customer experience to your users.
  • Think of a number of people using the service. The more people uses it, the more reliable it is.
  • Stability. When it comes to cloud web app development, being stable is one of the most important properties. So we recommend to prepare a plan of actions in case of outage.
  • Consider the level of tech support. It should be well enough to provide you with high-quality assistance if something goes wrong.



To Sum Up

Compared to traditional web and app development, cloud-based application building has the benefits of time efficiency and cost saving opportunities for the United States development companies. SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS allow you to create a truly robust product! At the same time, the development of the cloud app features requires some specifics that should be considered before creating a cloud-based app. At Loonar Studios, we are always ready to help you with any of those solutions no matter which of them you prefer. Good luck!