How to build a Top-Notch Interior Design Website?

Today, all interior designers have a web presence. Indeed, a personal website is a great idea that allows to tell stories of happy customers, who recently moved in the designed interiors. By observing how this changed their lives, people are projecting themselves onto these interactive stories, building an empathetic bond. That is why not having a website automatically puts a designer out of business. Every designer has his or her original style. Web designers carve their style into sites. Interior designers embody it in living spaces. But for both of them, it is crucial that the essence of their unique style is perceived by their customers. This is what any design solution is created for! But if we look closely at all those interior sites out there, we will see that the majority of them look very similar as there are clearly traceable design patterns, such as portfolio slideshows and quick links. In this article, we decided to focus on how to create a one of a kind interior web design to make a designer stand out from the crowd. Read more: How to Keep a Website Up To Date?  

What’s on the bill for Interior Design?

Well, you can find hundreds of ready-made themes for interior design websites out there. Fortunately, Joomla and WordPress offer a variety of easy-to-use and cheap solutions. It will take you from $1k to $4k to launch a good-looking website with almost no technical skills required. Sounds great, huh? Yep, but there is one little problem. Formidable interior designers never use such templates. Furthermore, it is considered as a bad tone to resort to such websites for the online showcase in interior design business. Let’s face it: The site acts as a “wrapping” of service you are trying to sell. Thus, the customer subconsciously transfers the image of the site into his or her expectations. A cheap website would make him or her expect a product of similar quality.

Criteria for Interior Web Design

Generally speaking, the top-notch interior design websites should be focused on the following points:

  • Calls-to-action. It is not enough to simply showcase your design masterpieces. The website must appeal to your potential customers’ taste by marketing your design concepts and ideas
  • Responsive interface. In one of our previous articles, we have already talked about responsiveness and why it is a must-have feature for all up-to-date websites. Failure to implement it can cause lots of problems even to world’s top designers
  • Quick loading. Typically, design websites contain a bunch of videos and HD images. So it is your job to make them quick to load in order to not bore your potential customers
  • Revealing the personality. A site should reveal the interior designer’s identity behind all his or her projects
  • Embodying the style. A web page should transfer the designer’s unique style to a digital display
  • Transmitting the level of perfection. It should be clear from the first sight that a designer is not a rookie, but a trendsetter and accomplished expert.

Essential Elements of Interior Design Website

Along with the basic website’s elements, there are several elements that require special attention when designing an interior design website:

  • Structure. Try to make a great first impression with a structured homepage. Use drop-down menus to direct users to additional pages and make your navigation as minimal as possible
  • Visuals. All pages on your website must feature high-quality visuals either from your portfolio, or from some stock photo website
  • Fonts. Decorative fonts can be difficult to read, so do not overdo them. Make your website well readable
  • Background. You need your customers to focus on your works, not distracting images or wallpapers on your website. Pick a solid background that fits your brand

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What is Needed to Build Interior Website?

Well, not so much:

  • Pace yourself, have patience, and know your limits. When your design is of the highest quality, customers will find you either way. If you’re not ready to invest in a custom site solution, use a free website template until you can tell what you need, and focus on further brand development
  • Hire a professional web design studio that has enough skills and experience to appreciate and understand your point of view. It is more enjoyable and easier to create an authentic brand package when you have a genuine understanding with your vendor.
  • Find a professional photographer. The success of interior design sites is completely dependent on high-quality visuals, allowing to communicate your skills to potential customers

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So how much?

An interior web design project is a creative work and living creature. That is why it is difficult to measure it in dry figures. With so many options out there, it is crucial to find the one matching your style and character at the first place. When done, it is possible to estimate the scope, cost, and timeframe of such project. Only an expert and renowned web design company with a professional approach to the customers is capable of handling this synergy. Comments? Questions? Need a quote? Let us know.