How to Boost Customer Engagement In Ecommerce

If your business is not reaching its sales goals, there may be numerous issues responsible for these ecommerce shortcomings. In fact, many businesses do not profit as much as they should due to a very simple reason: they are not engaging customers enough beyond the shopping functions. In the ecommerce industry, where there is no face-to-face communication, this problem seems especially prevalent. So when it comes to customer engagement in ecommerce, many companies simply drop the ball. If you are wondering how to grow ecommerce sales, we are here to help you. In this posting, we will talk about customer engagement in ecommerce and why is it so critical to the success of your online shop.


Why Customer Engagement Matters?

According to Wiki, the average attention span has decreased dramatically during the past years as a result of use of technology. People are too distracted having all those devices around them. This means that if your customers cannot get their problems solved fast enough, they will go somewhere else. And this is exactly why customer engagement is crucial to ecommerce. Besides, the vast majority of people tend to spend more money if it involves better customer experience. That is why the level of customer engagement will soon be a bigger brand differentiator than the products cost. So if you want more conversions and improved retention, you need to invest in customer engagement.

Ways to Еngage Your Customers in Ecommerce

Understanding that customer engagement is an extremely powerful tool in boosting online sales is a great start, but only a solid approach can put this knowledge to work. So how do you increase customer engagement in online sales? Here’s how: 

  • Make use of social networks

Prepare a post at least several times a week, and monitor the engagement you get for each one. You should start actively using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for boosting customer engagement in ecommerce. A strong social media presence is paramount to the success of today’s online business.

  • Keep track of important events

Your customers like individual attention. This can be achieved by reaching out to them on their special days, such as anniversaries and birthdays. This form of unobtrusive ecommerce personalization should be used on your website as a part of your customer experience strategy. It is effective for engaging your auditory as it is clear that each customer is being treated as an individual.

  • Utilize loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are another way to build ongoing engagement with your target audience. This is what can help you engage a really huge number of people.

  • Encourage account creations

Most people prefer making purchases without creating accounts. However, your task is to increase account openings. But do not try to look for starting the account right away. At first, earn a bit of trust from the customers (after they have made a successful purchase), and only then offer them the opportunity to create an account.

  • Immediately engage unhappy clients

You should engage unhappy clients before they turn away from your business for good. Client churn is a serious issue that can significantly decrease your profitability. Unfortunately, people do not always let companies know about their dissatisfaction. However, their family, friends and social media friends will most likely know about it. What you can do in this situation is you can offer surveys with every transaction, providing active communication with your customers via your social media pages.


  • Make sure your customers can easily access product information

Most people do not like questions like “Can I help you?” They’d rather help themselves. Providing your customers with a self-service option that offers as many information about your product as possible is a great way to improve customer engagement in ecommerce. This may include anything from a FAQ section to customer’s guide.

  • Reward system

Always reward your customers for their requests and feedback. This will show them that you are actually listening to them. You can pair customer feedback with any type of special offers, such as rewards or coupons. Or you may use emails, live chat, or personalized pop-ups to get reviews from your users. Also, we all love free stuff, so that is a perfect time to utilize this approach, too.

  • Allow for customer reviews

Let your customers leave your company ratings and provide them with a comments section. Show them that you want to know what they think. Stress your willingness to listen, but do not forget to react to make it clear that you care. 


Boosting Customer Engagement in Ecommerce

As you can see, this does not require any major changes. It may seem difficult to start implementing all the methods at once, but this is not really necessary. Simply start with two or three, put them to work, and then move on to a fourth and fifth once you are ready. All your investments will pay off as your business gains a reputation for great customer support and engagement. 

Please mind that if all your efforts are focused purely on selling your product, you are going to lose lots of clients. They will flock to the sites that invest in ecommerce personalization – the businesses that leverage the ways we mentioned above. At Loonar Studios, we have enough knowledge and experience in any aspect of ecommerce website development. And we will be happy to help you build or promote your store. Good luck!