How Much Time Does It Take To Design One Page

If no care or thought is put into project management, even a small task can turn into a time-consuming and expensive project. In such cases, many customers become confused about how web development companies estimate the time it takes them to complete the task, and their final bill. Truly, when initial estimates start as low as $1k and end up costing like $50k, anyone can get upset. Such big differences in pricing take place due to no/poor planning. For over the last years, Loonar Studios has finished numerous web and mobile apps design projects. We know that good estimates can mean the difference between a over-priced failure and profitable project. That is why we start with detailed planning, when it comes to estimated delivery and costs. In this article, we are going to take a look at how the web design estimation process looks from the inside to solve the site cost riddle once and for all.  

How to Increase the Accuracy of Estimates

1.State your business goals clearly. The web development company should understand the end purpose of a website they are creating. 2.Provide the content which will be used on a site well in advance (video, images, texts). When a customer provides the content, the price will be lower. 3.Use a sketch or sample wireframe of the web design to save hours of errors and trial in the final stages. 4.Specify technology and design requirements clearly. This information is crucial when it comes to estimating cost and time of the entire project. 5.Specify the type of site. It may be an ecommerce store, corporate website design, or simple landing page. Of course, different types of sites incur different costs and require different timeframes. 6.Provide a list of sites you like to give your web design studio an idea of your taste and what you want. Tip: The very first thing you should do is to make sure that you are on the same page with your web development agency in understanding your requirements and expectations. See how to do it right.  

Estimation Techniques

Here are some methods you can use to create your own estimates on cost and time:

  • tools-based approach (using tools for calculating estimates such as Konigi or Astuteo)
  • task-based approach (breaking the project into smaller tasks and then determining the cost based on your web development company’s hour rate)
  • benchmark approach (based on the approximate cost of the similar projects)


Our estimates for Web Design Development (including responsive versions)

  • Main page:                   16-24 hours
  • Inner light page:         6-8 hours
  • Inner heavy page:      12-16 hours
  • Text page:                    1-3 hours
  • Pop-up:                        0,5-2 hours

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Insides and Details

Web design:

1. We create a homepage first. It allows to get the idea about the rest pages as well as the whole website’s style, colors, etc. Usually, it takes 2-3 days depending on the complexity. Other pages require less time, 8-16 hours in average. 2. Typically, we create one desktop and one responsive version. Tablet version is created later on the basis of these two. 3. If a client follows method “mobile first”, we start design with mobile (responsive) versions and only after that proceed with desktop ones. 4. When it comes to pages with tabs (Our Mission, Our Team), each tab requires creating a separate minipage. 5. In case with ecommerce dashboard, it could be estimated only after we get a wireframe. 6. All pages should be consistent. In order to build a page, we should know its size, number of elements, and complexity of design.     7. You are free to provide your own design to save time.  

Mobile design:

1.Mobile apps screen design takes 0,5-6 hours to design (6 hours – for the complex screens). 2.Wireframing should be done before starting the design. Each wireframes requires 1-3 hours to draw. 3.Design to support Iphone X requires building a separate drawing (earlier, it was universal for all Iphones) which means +10% of time. At Loonar Studios, we take the project estimating seriously. So before actually starting the project development, we use all of our experience to explore all potential pitfalls.That is why we make an accurate estimation only after all necessary information has been received, understood, and processed. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Good luck!