How Long Does It Take to Build Simple Corporate Website?

Nowadays, it is almost impossible to run a business, even the smallest one, without a web presence. Customers turn to the Web for everything from company’s location to product research. If you have a product to sell, a website can help you expand your business easily, cheaply and open up new markets. That is why having even a simple site gives your business an edge in the field. Recently, corporate website design and development have become crucial parts to the success of different types of companies from big corporations to small businesses. Regardless of your goals, services, or products, you will sooner or later need to expand your customer base, and the Web is the best way to do it.That is why corporate website design combined with the proper Web marketing strategy is considered to be so important in today’s business world.  
Imagine, that you are not a local business anymore, you are now global! Your company can engage customers worldwide for a fraction of the cost of traditional ads. Sounds great, huh? We will show you how to get things done. In this article, we will talk about the development of simple corporate websites. If you want to create a simple corporate website for your business, there are several thing to consider:

1) Organization

Your website should be easy to navigate and access. Therefore, you should first prepare your homework and do some planning. Firstly, your site should have a sitemap to outline links to your pages so search engines can index your website and rank it. You can also use breadcrumbs for the same purpose. Finally, it is important to link similar pages together to increase the amount of time the visitors spend on your site, and make it easier for them to find the information relevant to their interests.

2) High-Quality Content

Long-lived and intuitive content provides a steady stream of traffic for years. Corporate website design is focused on content in numerous ways, such as product pages, signup forms, FAQs, blogs, etc. By adding valuable and unique content to your website (+ proper keywords), you will build your reputation as a trustworthy and reliable business.

3) Professional Website Design

Your web presence should have an up-to-date, professional design reflecting the attitude of your company. That is why corporate web design requires professionals working hard to create an attractive, engaging, and user-friendly composition. An intuitive and sleek layout will make your business appear more open and inviting to client interaction.

4) Regular Updates

Whether you are blogging or selling products, it is crucial to add new pages to your site and frequently update it. This is a cornerstone of any corporate website. In addition, search engines will see that your website is well-maintained and active online so they will rank it better.

5) Hire Professional Web Development Company

Corporate website design takes a lot of work and time. That is where our team can help you. We are capable of establishing/growing/maintaining your web presence. We will improve your online visibility to attracting thousands of customers, and encourage them to convert. Loonar Studios delivers excellent results to all of our customers as your success = our success.  

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    How Long Does it Take to Create a Simple Corporate Website?

    Typically, a simple corporate website is a 6-8 page website containing basic information about your company (About us, Testimonials, etc.), products/services pages, contact information, and “Contact us” form. Such websites require minimum functionality but maximum content filling, and simple decisions. This kind of websites is mostly static, which means they require almost no frequent changes (excluding blogs). They focus on visual image, animation, fonts, styles, etc. The important things for small companies are simple, low budget and effective solutions and ability of quick deployment into the WEB. Thus, we do not recommend to use any complex CMS. Instead, we usually offer to use WordPress. It allows to show your business in the best light by giving your website a professional look and great functionality within a relatively short amount of time. Usually, it takes 100 hours to build a simple corporate website: 40% of time – design 30% of time – frontend 30 % of time – backend  

Corporate website building is a significant part of today’s business world. As a leading web design agency, Loonar Studios specializes in growing the online presence of businesses to keep them ahead of their competition. Our team includes talented professionals who are passionate about creating the top-notch corporate sites. Contact us to get a free quote!