How IoT Development Impacts The Future Of Web Development?

In light of increasing demands from people and businesses limited only with the developments of technology, many new solutions have emerged to make our lives better. One of them is the Internet of Things or simply IoT. Almost everyone is dependent on the Web these days, whereas the Web is becoming more and more dependent on IoT. 

In this era of online networking, no one can deny the role and proliferation of IoT services. ATMs, Fitbit, self-driving vehicles, Apple Watch and many many more smart devices already use this technology to improve daily and business processes. But does it somewhat shape the future of web/mobile development? If so, then how exactly? In this posting, we have decided to talk about IoT and its impact on web/mobile development as a whole.


What’s IoT?

Presently, almost every enterprise wants to provide its clients with a more customized and personalized service. IoT is what can perfectly meet their expectations, taking businesses to new heights. It refers to a system of smart devices capable of collecting data via the integrated sensors and transferring it over the Web without human interaction. We have already mentioned it in one of our previous postings. This interaction typically occurs through the UI, the data collected is stored in the cloud. During the last years, the Internet of Things has gotten so complicated that it sets new and new challenges for web and mobile development agencies every day. So we decided to figure out at least some of them.


How is IoT changing the landscape of Web/Mobile Development?

With the evolvement of technology, more and more businesses start using  sensors and wireless technologies to meet their customers’ requirements in a more faster and effective way, and provide the ability to save lots of time. The Internet of Things is taking web/mobile development to the higher level by making business-client interaction more immersive and instant than ever before. But how does it affect the future of web/mobile development? Below we have identified some of the most crucial aspects to consider when creating interactive web/mobile solutions with IoT integration.

  • Applications supporting IoT devices

The entire philosophy behind the implementation of IoT is to make operations seamless. The Internet of Things performs it by completing large volumes of data. Firstly, it gets data from sensors and then transfers it to/from the cloud, focusing on the system’s scalability and security. All these operations require high accuracy and stability, which may often go above the conventional web/mobile development. As a result, web development agencies will have to hire coders who are proficient in languages that facilitate IoT apps, such as JavaScript, Java, Angularjs, Laravel, etc.

  • Robust backend development

It is crucial to ensure a clear communication between the users and IoT devices. Each device should function as per the commands of users; it should be capable of transmitting/receiving various types of data and communicating with other IoT devices. This can be achieved only with high-quality and strong backend architecture that is able to meet these all needs without hiccups. In addition, when it comes to IoT development, planning power management is a must. Since IoT apps are running heavily on backend, they use a lot of battery. So reducing power usage will be a new challenge for web and mobile developers.

  • More intuitive and dynamic UI

IoT apps deal with multitasking. They require interactive and fast layout since they need to display lots of infographics and analytics. Furthermore, IoT-based design should be 100% user-friendly and compatible with all types of mobile devices. As a result, this requires web and mobile designers to work on the latest design practices to deliver even more intuitive and dynamic UI design capable of generating pages/portlets dynamically.

  • Security and privacy 

With IoT, maintaining privacy and security is crucial as this kind of devices can be hacked with relative ease. It creates a demand for more advanced security features capable of protecting IoT-based app code from malicious subversion.

  • Web/mobile development will get more complicated with IoT

It is already possible to state that complex IoT communication systems will radically affect the web/mobile development industry, making it more complex and challenging. In this light, web designing is definitely one of the key areas that will be drastically impacted by the IoT concept.


Key Takeaways

The Internet of Things will definitely help us shape our future efficiently and effectively. This technology seems to have the potential to revolutionize the entire world. There are surely numerous impactful aspects of IoT for web/mobile development that may significantly change its landscape. This means that the whole industry will get more complicated with IoT. At Loonar Studios, we have enough skills and expertise to be not afraid of such complications. Contact us if you have any questions. Stay healthy!