Hotel Website Design

There is no place for a single flaw in the world of luxury. Especially, when talking about a high-end hotel brand. The same applies to the luxury websites. To VIP customers, attention to details is a sign of a premium service. To web designers, it creates the impression that the design has been thoroughly thought over during its creation. In this case, hotel website design is an instrument that instills the feeling that your hotel has a top class service. There are several important peculiarities for the luxury hotel business. Firstly, it comes with a relatively limited pool of clients. The vast majority of deals are based on recommendations as communication plays a crucial role for these people. Secondly, VIP customers are used to all things premium. They can easily discern luxury from a cheaper alternative. This means they will always know if a site is worth $1k or $10k. Finally, luxury customers are very demanding. They will not come back to a service they think poorly provided and don’t excuse any flaws.  
Sounds a bit complicated, huh? At the same time, the sense of premium style can be reached by the simple design, too. All it takes is a little aesthetic touch and taste. In this article, we’ve gathered some classy yet simple design solutions of a truly luxury hotel website design:

  • Gallery that launches from the scrolling screen. It allows every visitor to appreciate its surroundings and interiors
  • Mobile-friendly and elegantly designed booking menu. It is the most obvious feature for any hotel website design and an engaging, convenient way to focus the visitor’s attention on the desired action. For any luxury hotel business, it is very important to present a form that pertains the luxury brand image, but at the same time is time-saving and simple.
  • Pictures of “awakening into the bliss” or short mouseover clips. They will come alive as a visitor hovers his or her mouse over them.
  • History timeline. If a hotel has a history, share it with public via your website. Tell a story how your hotel have evolved over the last decade/century.
  • Fancy images. They should create the impression that your hotel is one of the most elite of its kind at first sight.
  • Rich-looking menu animation that is working with class and style. For example, “curtain”-like menu animation is a perfect choice for a hotel website design
  • Blog. Blogging is a popular and effective instrument to attract the audience to a service or product. A luxury hotel website blog should have a stunningly illustrated, convincing, and laconic content. In this case, it is recommended to favor quality of the content over its quantity.

In terms of a hotel website design, there are the features that contribute to the site’s sense of luxury and the authenticity of the user’s experience:

  • The Breakfast menu. It provides the illustrated list of available drinks and dishes
  • First screen video is a sign of a premium website. Moreover, it saves the loading time while doesn’t require the connection to an external streaming service
  • The Room explorer. It can be full pages containing nicely rendered, professional pictures that transmit the emotional aspect of a room and showcase its interior. Every aspect of the stay should be covered separately. They all should convey the “I want to be there!” feeling
  • Events feed on the landing page. Seeing what is coming up is a great attractor for the VIP customers
  • A live webcam stream that shows picturesque surroundings of your hotel
  • Stunning first screen is a rich-looking and neat solution. For example, a video loop that continue to play even when the menu moves it to the side of the screen.
  • Promoting video clips in the background on the landing page.


If you ask a random person which elements a hotel website design should include, the first thing he or she is most likely to say would be interior design, photos of rooms, restaurant etc. Indeed, a hotel site design without gallery is a nonsense. Also, there will likely to be a location, prices, recommendations, booking, room reservation, and map. Many people want to know details such as what a view from their window will be, or see an exact room they book. However, there are numerous hotel sites lacking this minimum. Luxury businesses are in the first row of those who set trends in hotel web design due to the fact that they know how important is to interest pretty demanded and wealthy customers. We hope that the above information will help you create a luxury hotel website design. And please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.