Future Prospects Of The Mobile App Market

Mobile applications first appeared ten years ago, and now they are practically everywhere. The today’s mobile application market is growing faster than ever before, and there is no end in sight. The number of mobile applications has literary skyrocketed. The population of mobile developers (both iOS and Android) has boomed. The generated revenue has reached new heights. Having a mobile app has become a necessity for many companies that want to grow and accelerate their businesses. Mobile purchases and other hybrid monetization approaches are quickly gaining popularity, which means that in-app ads will soon become a main driving force for mobile apps development in US. It seems that the success saga of the mobile app development will never come to an end. Okay, but what’s next? In this article, we have decided to take a closer look at the future prospects of the mobile app market. Read also: OVERVIEW OF THE MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT PROCESS

New Technologies Bring New Opportunities

Mobile app development market is driven by numerous technological advancements of recent years. Currently, it is debatable dominated by Gaming apps, various Google applications (Search, Mail, Maps), and Social Media (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook). The U.S. Business heavyweights such as Walmart and Amazon also use mobile apps to improve direct marketing, branding strategy, and customer engagement. That’s it? Is there any hidden potential behind the scene? Understanding the forces and tendencies that drive the mobile app market today allows to see its future prospects. Read also: VR MOBILE DEVELOPMENT


The Future of App Development

  • The growth of mobile payments

Analysts report significant growth in in-app purchases. Indeed, by pressing a single button, we can easily pay our bills. That is why people in the U.S. and all over the world are adopting the mobile payment method as their preferred payment mode. For mobile developers, this means working on even more secure Android apps and iOS apps than they are today. Besides, wearables applications are also expected to play a significant role in building future of mobile payments and client loyalty.

  • Smart objects and the Internet of Things

By 2021, almost 35 billion devices will be connected to the global network. This includes sports equipment, medical devices, toys, domestic appliances, and many other day-to-day devices. All these gadgets will be able to communicate via mobile apps based on the the concept of The internet of Things (IoT).

  • Android instant apps will change the way applications are being used

As you may know, Google has introduced the concept of Instant Apps that can run instantly without having to install or download them on the device. In coming time, it is expected become a game changer that will create a massive disruption on the market. In their turn, iOS apps may soon come up with something similar.

  • New generation of applications based on AR and VR technologies

Probably, you have already heard of AR/VR apps. Virtual and Augmented reality gaming and entertainment apps were topping the charts in the preceding years. We believe that the years to come will demonstrate exponential development in AR/VR technology, which will mainly take place through mobile app development.

  • Data security

With the recent increase in technology, the number of cyber attacks has also increased, which makes security an inevitable necessity for people and companies alike. It has become too dangerous to compromise with the personal data of users. Any breach can cost a fortune! So in order to engage, attract, and keep the auditory, businesses will have to provide highly secured mobile app for their users.

  • Monetization through ads

This is especially noticeable in mobile gaming. Businesses that generate the highest ad revenue will be more likely to end up becoming main ads sponsors.

  • New monetization approaches

Typically, paid apps offer a limited number of features available for preview, hoping to convince people to purchase them. Well, this approach still proves its worth in many cases. At the same time, it is losing the popularity battle. This means that businesses will come up with something new. New monetization approaches (sponsorship, crowdfunding, in-app purchases, subscription, and freemium) are expected to become highly popular in the mobile app world. Read also: AR MOBILE DEVELOPMENT



Key Takeaways

Mobile apps have covered a huge distance in a short period. Nowadays, it seems that there is an application for pretty much everything and they are everywhere. At the same time, there are still tons of room for improvement.This means that mobile apps development in US will flourish further in the nearest future. We believe that in the years to come mobile apps will take the ease of mobility, security, and access to a brand new level! So enterprises have no choice but to be prepared to serve their clients with innovative mobile application approach. So stay tuned! And as always please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.