Front end Developing Trends for 2020

2020 is not only a new year but also is the start of the new decade. Logically, there are going to be new trends in everything. So, it is a perfect time to go through relevant technologies of front end development technologies for the next year.



The base

Working with web components is going to stay the same: HTML5, CSS3, JS(ES6). The following year will be reigned by JavaScript. With all already created features and which will be released, JS is the undisputed leader. Also, there are no reasons to forget about CCS3`s supersets, which prominently simplifies interaction with it.


jQuery is a well-known library for JavaScript which was used for a long period of time. It could become the last year when jQuery is actively used because almost all functions of jQuery are realized in JavaScript ES6. But, it is still relevant if you need fast solutions, such as landing pages with slick sliders. 

BEM — Block Element Modifier

What is the best way to optimize communication inside the team when you have several frontend developers? Probably, it would be contacting one common language, which is understandable for every and each person. For this goal, the methodology of BEM was created. BEM is a highly useful, powerful, and simple naming convention that makes your front-end code easier to read and understand, easier to work with, easier to scale, more robust and explicit, and a lot more strict.

As long as you work as a part of the team, not superfluous would be using Git. It is the best VCS for checking all the changes inside code.


Accessibility (a11y)

Every and each developer has to be familiar with WCAG ( Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) and pursuing these recommendations doesn`t wonder anybody. But, some of them were updated and improved to become a11y. The biggest attention should be paid to the navigation. Thus, such things as navigation with a keyboard without using a mouse, speech recognition navigation and few-steps navigation are very important. One more thing is authorization. In case it`s possible, it would be better to make it easier, but you still have to take into consideration data security, it couldn`t be sacrificed.

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Despite the fact, the first wave of PWA started almost two years ago, it is not still very popular. But 2020 is the best time for PWA becomes a new mainstream. In fact, PWA is a web site that is downloaded on your gadget and can work as a native application, at the same time, it is faster, work offline, and cheaper than native apps to be developed.

 Undoubtedly, using mobile phones are becoming more popular and popular every year. Today, more than 60% of total internet usage is happening via mobile phone. According to this data, companies that are able to afford to create native apps have already done it, but for users is not enough. If companies have native mobile apps, there is a possibility that many users will prefer their web version to avoid downloading and installing due to hardware and memory constraints or some other personal preference. To level all the handicaps of native apps, PWA was created and evolving more and more.


If you’ve ever searched for content and interacted with the results on a mobile device, you’ve probably encountered AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages.

AMP is an open-source framework developed by Google in collaboration with Twitter. Accelerated Mobile Pages create better, faster experiences on the mobile web. At its core, the framework allows you to build lightweight experiences for mobile by simplifying the HTML and following streamlined CSS rules.


JS Frameworks

To maximize the effectiveness of working with JS, it`s obviously better to use its frameworks. There are no prerequisites that the list of most popular and useful frameworks will change. Currently, it is the following:

  • Angular
  • React
  • Vue 

However, all of them are similar, but there are some significant differences, which can help you to choose, which one is better for the particular project.

Angular 8x

Angular was created by Google developers and is being maintained by them. One of the biggest benefits of Angular, it is security. Google claims, that with every Angular`s update, basic rules of coding and architecture of framework won`t be changed. Also, it has a strict structure of writing code. So, if you need to check your code, that was made with Angular, after some period of time or code of another person, very likely, you will easily understand it. Unfortunately, the strict structure is a drawback of Angular at the same time. Thus, beginners who want to start learning Angular will meet a lot of problems, despite the fact that there is a lot of documentation about it. Thus, using Angular is more relevant when you have experienced developers and a big project, that needs to be divided into several parts. In the end, when you need to combine them into the ready project, Angular developers will do it without any issues.

React JS v16x

The reign of the previous year, probably, will be not replaced. React is attractive for developers, because of being easy in learning, it is at the same time multifunctional. And because of it, React is abused. It’s powerful, it’s fast, it’s flashy, and smart engineers are raving about it. If you have a highly dynamic application that needs to rerender frequently, and you want to avoid the heavyweight of template diffing, ReactJS’s virtual DOM will be super effective. However, if you’re site doesn’t have those needs, choose something else!

Vue JS 3

The youngest framework among already mentioned. From to time, Vue JS can be called the mix of Angular JS and React JS. It helps people to shift from React or Angular to Vue JS, that could be very profitable. Due to Vue JS has a small weight, the project created on its will be much faster than the Angular or React project. Unfortunately, Vue JS is not popular for large projects, such as marketplaces or apps with a lot of dynamic images.

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Key takeaways

The quality of your product depends on a lot of aspects. One of them is the frontend development. It is why important to follow modern tendencies and requirements of it.

The next year will bring new things in frontend development. Notwithstanding, at Loonar Studios, we always ready to get new challenges and admit all the changes to stay up-to-date. Interested? Contact us and get your modern website!