Ecommerce Web Design

People usually judge a book by its cover. So, whether it is the latest Apple device or the presentation of a fancy cafe, it should beautifully designed. The same applies to ecommerce websites. If you are not packaging your products nicely, you will definitely lose your money.  
Beautiful web design has always played a crucial role in successful online marketing and sales. It works to make a business look more trustworthy by increasing the perceived value of services. Thus, whether you have been thinking about redesigning your current ecommerce website, or you are about to create a new one, this article will give you some useful advice on how a good ecommerce web design should look like.  
Generally, each ecommerce website has its own style, so it is not necessary to follow any strict rules. At the same time, it is always important to know what your customers expect. So we gathered some important elements that any ecommerce website should have:

  • Responsive design

Currently, that is #1 feature for any ecommerce website! Today, because of the spread of different mobile devices, it is crucial that your website’s design would be not only mobile friendly, but also must be displayed nicely on all devices. Modern clients may start browsing your site on their smartphones and finish on their PC’s. Thus, it is truly important to make sure that your ecommerce website design has multi device support.

  • Flat design

Flat design is a minimalistic design approach that has already become a standard for a lot of websites and for almost all mobile apps. Nevertheless, it continues to conquer new heights of popularity. In ecommerce industry, flat design is becoming more refined to meet the needs of the customers.

  • Material design

A promotion punch has already made material design a game-changer. It is becoming really clear and a bit structured both for designers and for users. At first glance, it may seem that it is a minimalistic design style. However, it uses the concepts of depth, movement and shadow effects that provide the ability to create clear, beautiful and non-minimalistic interfaces.

  • Card-like layout

This is one of the most widely used patterns in ecommerce website design. Cards are a method of organizing different products or topics in a way that is easy to use and pleased to eyes. They improve the user experience and simplify navigation. Card-like layout can be used to make a banner card with announcements or to draw clients’ attention to a new product. In addition, it is easy to make the card-like layout responsive.

  • UI Design Patterns

It is always bad not to differ from the mass. However, when users are facing hundreds of interfaces on numerous devices, it becomes obvious that it is not necessary to invent a bicycle each time. Therefore, many designers try to use common interface design patterns to create interfaces that are clear for the most people at a glimpse. These patterns make the navigation much easier and improve shopping experience.

  • Animation

It is one of the newest trends in ecommerce design. Motion animation ensures an unforgettable shopping experience and wonderful emotions. This is especially important for those industries where most of purchases are emotional (for example, jewelry, gift shops, Fashion, etc.).

  • Smart Product Search

In 2017, many websites started to use dynamic views that rely on Ajax and JavaScript to improve search result page. It allows users to browse your site quickly and without having to load each search result page separately.

  • Long Scroll

Clicking in mobile devices is an issue. However the scrolling is much more habitually. This method works especially well for ecommerce websites that use storytelling to create more interaction.

  • Images

Users are overwhelmed with information. They have no time to read. Instead, they pay more attention to images. Therefore, the first customer’s reaction and his/her emotions during browsing your site are often a main factor for making purchases. This technique is especially important for the gift shops and fashion industry.

  • Huge Backgrounds

Large video backgrounds and images have already became a trend of ecommerce websites design. They make it easier to attract attention to some special service or product, and help brands in their storytelling. Ideally, all backgrounds should be personalized for very unique client according to his or her preferences.  

Of course, these recommendations are not obligatory. However, any ecommerce website owner who wants to achieve success has to follow them. Upgrading your site is as crucial as improving the quality of your products as it will draw more clients to your online store.