Ecommerce. How to Build Online Shop?

There’s never been a greater time to create an online ecommerce store than today. Any person with a laptop can get started without acquiring any additional skills. What products can you sell there? Hm.. a lot: subscriptions, bookings, services, customizations, physical products, digital products, and more. Do you really want to launch your own online business? If so, we are here to help you. In this article, we will come up with the detailed instruction on how to start an online shop. Ready? Let’s get started.  
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1. Know the budget Budgeting lies at the foundation of every project. Your should clearly know the amount or range of your budget (For example, I can afford to spend from $10k to $15k on my ecommerce website).

2. Target audience This is a crucial step as it determines the structure and design of your future online store. Why is it so important? Say, you sell luxury cars. Consequently, your target audience is VIP customers. In this case, you definitely should order a luxury website design. But what if you sell some cheap fancy stuff from China? VIP website design will scare away your customers making them think that goods you sell are too expensive for them. Cheap goods mean cheap website. Thus, always know your target audience.

3. Technologies You will definitely need some professional help here. When it comes to technologies, different websites require different solutions. For example, for small websites ecommerce is perfect. Bigger websites will work best with Magento. However, if you need a VIP website, it should be created with Laravel and YII2. So before you contact your professional web development company, you should already know your budget, target audience, and decide on the type of technology to be used. Here’s a tip: Woocommerce is perfect for simpler solutions; Laravel and YII2 are being used for more complex projects.
Generally, the process of preparation for building an online shop includes several steps:

1) Make a decision who will build ecommerce for you: will you do it yourself or hire a web development agency.

2) Now imagine that you don’t have necessary skills. You need someone who will help you. What to choose – all-in-one freelancer or a team? Building a ecommerce website requires a lot of different skills: a. UI/UX Design; b. Illustration Design; c. Frontend; d. Backend; e. Quality assurance. According to our experience, one person cannot be perfect in all those. Some parts of the project will not be ideal. Moreover, ecommerce deals with money, with your customers’ money. So it is very important to make sure that the platform is safe, without backdoors and weak spots. Our experience tells us that for building safe, user-friendly and beautifully looking e-commerce, one needs a team. Of course, it can be a team of freelancers, but still it must be a team!

3) You need to prepare the list of requirements for the ecommerce. Otherwise, how will developers know what you want? Don’t wait something from developers, make necessary research and prepare your homework!

4) Discuss your requirements with your team and receive necessary feedbacks regarding your requirements list. Maybe, you are trying to redevelop a wheel (lol)? Or maybe there are some ready-made solutions for your tasks?

5) Together with your development team prepare the map of the project and Brief, where you can set the volume of work.

6) Choose the pricing methodology – fix price, hourly rates or mixed. Both methods have both cons and pros. We will describe them in more detail in our future articles.

7) Set the date of starting the development.
Remember: The giving task-checking results formula does not work here! The customer plays a major role directing the whole process. So, it is crucially important to work together with your web development company at all stages. When the technical requirements have been formulated, it usually takes 1-5 business days to set the end price, and proceed to the next stage. We are recognized as a top E-Commerce Design & Development Company on DesignRush Good luck! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help in creating a ecommerce online store. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.