Design Trends for 2020

Web design trends are permanently changing and what was the mainstream previous year can be undemanded this year. At the same time, there are some popular styles that just won’t go away, such as the ever-present minimalism and colorful flat illustrations we’ve been seeing for some time now. But the following year has prepared its own requirements for designers. So, be ready to meet them.

Asymmetry and split screen

As it was already said, some tendencies just won`t pass away. One of them is a classical horizontal block layout. This always means symmetry. However, asymmetry is getting in a trend. But what is asymmetry? Very often, it is considered as a lack of symmetry. It`s not right. Asymmetrical design still saves balance but uses space in another way.

Light and Shiny Colors

Actually, the color palette is expected to be more natural than in previous years. It doesn`t mean that all designs have to be created in the same colors and be light and faded. Bold colors still keep their strong position but if you want to create a light and positive feeling in your design – try soft and transparent colors.

Human writing

With all the progress that has already happened, the requirements of making content have evolved significantly. Text can not accompany design, it has to be a part of it. Nowadays, every sentence should be user-oriented. Thus, human writing allows a reader to judge, choose, and relate to the product.

Empty space

When the design is overwhelmed with the graphic elements it takes too much of a user’s attention and distracts from the main message. If the goal of UI is to outline one definite element and make users focus on it, just wrap that core element into an empty space.


Heavy renders

In the time of advanced and cutting-edge technologies and gadgets, it was pretty predictable that vendors will be interested to show consumers their advantages. Therefore, companies will use super-detailed images of their products to maximize the effectiveness of the advertisement.

Mobile browsing 

Currently, almost every person has a mobile phone. No wonder that mobile applications have become a part of our life. Following this, another trend is coming up. PWA is a new step in the websites` developing. Thus, you can interact with all the functions of the website, but use it as a native app. At the same time, PWA is much faster, has a lighter weight and still secure. Despite the fact, the process of designing it doesn’t have a lot of difference with desktop and mobile, designers have to be adopted to PWA design requirements.


Typographic overlap

One more unusual way of delivering information. Overall, it shouldn`t be everywhere. But with the help of typography styles, size and behaviour we can draw users’ attention. Its goal is to highlight the important moments inside of the countless amount of text content we consume every day.

Full-screen visuals

Mostly, our eyes gravitate to the center of the screen. So if you want to be sure the user will catch up with your message, it evidently better to put all the significant content there. However, the using of the whole screen can make an unforgettable experience for the user.  It makes sense for complicated issues and socially significant problems where it’s important to put a person into the right context.

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Key takeaways

It is noticeable that modern design is evolving. Therefore, we will meet really new trends in design in 2020. Some of them are slightly unpredictable, others are just obvious. Stay updated, follow the defined trends, create your own!

The next year will bring new things to design. Notwithstanding, at Loonar Studios, we always ready to get new challenges and admit all the changes to stay up-to-date. Interested? Contact us and get your modern design!