Cross-Industry Skills in Web Design

The web development is a complex process which requires designers to become familiar with many its edges. In order to be an accomplished designer, a person should possess skills that are not limited to his or her sphere of work. Basically, a good web designer should know how to take the site to the next level as well as how web pages are built. He or she must have a deep understanding of SEO and principles of web design. Becoming a full-stack web designer requires a bunch of other skills to learn. If a designer stops where he or she is, he or she will become just a good web designer, one of the thousands and millions. In order to become a guru of design, he or she should level up into something more.  

A Web Designer’s cross-industry must-have skills

Say, web design is an interesting multi level video game. In this case, it would have several skill branches that are recommended, once a designer has learned every trick and tip of web development. If taken separately, each of them can shape a person up into an expert in a new field. Additionally, it can boost the craft of web design.      


Creativity should sell. This rule applies to web designers as well. In web production business, everyone should know how to find customers and make them happy. In this case, these areas of study may be useful:

  • Copywriting. Any web design is no more than a fancy image without the fitting text. In order to direct your site into the right canvas, a designer should also possess the power of a word. Good designers know the basics of persuasive and creative writing.
  • Digital marketing. Web-based and intangible design solutions require special marketing approaches.The proper use of keywords, social media linking, reposts, and tweets allow making sure that a site is doing what it was intended for.
  • Traditional marketing. In order to be a good web designer, a person should know some marketing basics. They will help understand what customers are looking for, and, hence, how to attract them.


Innovative Thinking

The Web is evolving rapidly. Currently, it is a blank canvas that allows building almost anything. More and more companies enter the field, trying to draw the customers attention by inventing something different. New technologies and techniques appear in just a snap of a finger, new internet trends come and go. Recently, the web is a decent platform for sales, education, leisure, and socializing. However, it is still not being used fully. In order to remain one step ahead of the recent web trends, consider learning the following:

  • AR/VR. VR-optimized sites provide huge possibilities for interactive storytelling. That is why Virtual and Augmented Reality is without a doubt, the next big issue in design that would be in drastic demand for professionals in the years to come.
  • 3D modeling. Vivid animations that bring typical sites to the new level of user perception, breathtaking product effects for online shops and stunning navigational patterns. 3D modeling is quick to learn but difficult to master. However, this skill is recommended for web designers.
  • Motion Graphics. In other words, when you make static objects come alive. At the moment this term is vague as never before. It is similar to cartoons but doesn’t require the by-frame drawing. Motion design is rushing into the web design industry as a new tool behind promo clips and presentations.


Art Direction

The Art Director is the individual who seeks the young talents, molds them into teams and helps them grow. Many people think that art directors manage projects. It is not true. Actually, they manage people. A web design guru should know how to deal with other web design specialists and gather them around him or her. That is why art directors are usually senior designers with extensive experience of collaborative, complex projects. He or she should embrace the following:

  • Human resources. Finding the right performers for web design projects is crucial in this sphere.
  • Team building. In order to achieve the common goal, all designers should play as a team. So a full-stack design guru must learn to distribute the tasks and know how to maneuver through different personalities and tempers.
  • Management. It is all about organizing people. A senior web designer should know how to measure results, set tasks, and organize people effectively.


To sum up, the aim of any web design project is to produce a site that would benefit to customer’s business for 100%. Therefore, ensure that your customers receive no less from your work. Don’t hesitate to go for extra skills, experience, and knowledge. Remember that the best world’s web design specialists never stop at something they already know.