Clinic Website Design

Healthcare has always been one of the most important aspects of society. At the same time, for shareholders and owners of medical organizations, it is a profitable business. And we should treat it strictly as such in order to identify its performance and profitability. People who learn about clinics from the Web cannot judge them by the actual professionalism of their medical staff. They look at clinic’s online showcase, its brand, and digital image. That is why it is crucial to create an effective clinic website that allows your patients to easily and quickly find your hospital online. But how to build a good clinic website design to make your treatment institution or hospital website work to a 100% of its potential? In this article, we will try to answer this question.  
First of all, there are three must-know facts regarding clinic website design:

  • If you are a hospital website owner, you should always take into account browsing habits of your potential patients
  • Clinic’s digital domain should be mobile-friendly (as the majority of U.S. Internet users access the Internet to seek medical services via mobile devices)
  • Just like any other business, healthcare should use the Web for public relations, educational, and promotional purposes

Basically, there are three components that a good clinic website design should have:

  • Intuitive navigation that allows to see what your hospital website offers. But first you should define the client’s expectations and consider under what circumstances he or she is most likely to navigate to your website
  • Wow-effect and usability to ensure comfortable browsing experience
  • The kind of visual and textual content which would keep users interested in becoming customers. In order to provide it, you should first identify the primary goal. It can be either to convince the customer to make a purchase, to let the customer enquire about your service, or to get his or her acquainted with your business
  • Responsive web design is a must for a clinic website

The more polished every aspect of your clinic site is, the more likely your visitors will become customers. In all stages of this process, the hospital website design quality plays a major role. Your hospital website should help patients overcome their negative emotions. And when it does, it should suggest a solution to their problems. Now, let’s see some elements that a good healthcare website design should contain:

1.Live Schedules

Integrating the doctor schedules information into your hospital’s website will let your patients choose the suitable date and time of visit in a relaxed and comfortable state of mind. Moreover, it reduces the number of phone inquiries.

2.Social Media Marketing

People tend to spend more and more time in social media. This is why your medical business should maintain active profiles on resources such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.


Any service-driven business must have a blog. This is one of the most effective promotion tools that creates the impression that your clinic site is a living thing.

4.Call-to-action Buttons

Just like any business website, your clinic website has to guide customers to the purchase. Remember: they shouldn’t get confused on their way to the final goal.

5.Stories of Recovered Patients

These sympathetic recovery stories should contain a short videos of each patient’s experience with your clinic. This is a great tool that will tremendously facilitate both the word-of-mouth and online promotion.

6.Virtual Visits

Sometimes individuals feel unwell and need a short advice on how to get better. These people will surely consider coming back to your clinic in person for more complex diagnostics.

7.Emotion-driving Pictures

We would recommend you to prepare your hospital’s photo session while having a site for your clinic designed. High-quality pictures make people relate to what they see.

8.Interactive Campus Guide

A static map is not enough. Your clinic website should guide patients right to the doorstep of their physician’s office. So it is recommended to download a pdf map that contains a link to the Google maps.

9.Short Appointment Forms

Make them as friendly as possible. Do not overload your patients with the complex appointment form!

10.By-Symptom Search

Search by condition or disease is a perfect tool for clinic website design in terms of positive patient experience. For example, the search could match condition to the list of doctors who specialize on similar symptoms.  

These 10 must-have clinic website design elements will make your patient’s visiting experience worthy of sharing, cozy, and amicable. They will bring your website out from the pool of your competitors. So consider adding at least some of them to your hospital website.