Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is the latest trend. It refers to the way in which businesses entrust the processes of their functions to external companies as almost any business process can be performed from an offshore location. Outsourcing can help you control your costs and get the focus back on your business at the same time. Ask yourself the following to decide if outsourcing is for you:

  • Does my team have enough operational expertise?
  • Is there more effective and quicker way to handle my business processes?
  • Can I support new technology with my current resources?
  • Are they being utilized effectively?
  • Does my company work at optimum costs?


Recently, offshore companies are moving up the value chain to include in their offerings a wide range of additional services that require greater expertise, research support, and skills. That is why hundreds of cost-and-quality companies all over the world are turning to destinations like Ukraine for outsourcing their business processes. Outsourcing work is recognized as a long-term competitive strategy, and it is a well-tested model. Some of the processes that can be outsourced are call center services, data conversion services, transcription services, OCR cleanup services, image manipulation services, design creation,  text writing, editing and proofreading services, system administration services, bookkeeping and accounting service, app development, etc.  
So, what are the advantages of having an offshore partner? Consider the following benefits of outsourcing:

  • Quality

Outsourcing allows you to decrease the lead time it takes for your product to reach the customers and makes your service offerings better with high-quality deliverables.

  • Cost advantages

Due to the wage difference between western countries and Ukraine, you can get your job done at a lower cost, but at the same quality levels as in your location. This will provide major cost savings for your company. Technical helpdesks, call centers, and state-of-the-art IT systems result in heavy investments to companies. Outsourcing these functions allows you to keep your costs low.

  • Time zone benefit

Apart from the cost, this unique advantage provides your company with the benefit of round-the-clock operations. Outsourcing allows you to deal with smaller staff during vacations and peak workloads. Also, you can finally overcome a lack of workers during off-seasons, holidays and seasonal fluctuations in work.

  • Access to skilled resources

You no longer need to invest in training, recruiting and expensive resources for your business. Companies like Loonar Studios will take care of your resourcing needs with their pool of resources.

  • Focus on core functions

Outsourcing your processes enables you to move on to providing higher value-added services, invest in development and research, focus on building your brand and your core competencies.

  • Increased efficiency

Outsourcing allows you to improve operational performance and get access to world-class capabilities. Have your business tasks delivered by skilled professionals that have operational expertise in the outsourced process. Companies like Loonar Studios can do the job better with their skills and knowledge. This contributes to the bottom-line of your business and leads to an increase in efficiency and productivity.

  • One-time projects

You now have the ability to outsource projects that require high manpower resources and have to be built in relatively short time. It is recommended to avoid expensive short-term outlays.

  • Enhanced risk management

Outsourcing your processes allows you to be protected from technical crises, market fluctuations, accidents, or natural calamities.  

Although there may be some controversies regarding outsourcing model of making business, the overwhelming benefits of outsourcing speak for themselves. There are numerous advantages of outsourcing your business processes to locations around the globe. As offshore companies become more improvise and streamlined on the outsourcing model, it is easy to see why outsourcing is here to stay. That is why more and more businesses are planning to outsource part of their tasks to offshore destinations. Many experts say that outsourcing has become not just a way of cutting costs; it is now a business model. Offshore locations such as Ukraine have a large pool of English-speaking, qualified professionals. And the global business trend is definitely in favor of outsourcing.